Amazon’s new Echo Show 10 has motorized base to follow you

At their big hardware announcement event, Amazon revealed the all-new Echo Show 10, which is the 3rd-generation of their flagship smart display. Available in both charcoal and white for $249.99, the Echo Show 10’s biggest trick is that it now moves to keep you in view. A motor built into the base allows the device to automatically swivel when you interact with it so that you always have a good view of the screen.

The new Echo Show 10 uses a combination of computer vision, thanks to its built-in 13 MP camera, and microphones to figure out where you are in the room. When you talk to it or while you’re on a video call, the Echo Show 10 will spin around to keep facing you. Amazon made a big deal about how quiet the brushless motor is in the base of the Echo Show 10, stating that it’s completely silent. While on a video call, the Echo Show will also use digital panning and tilting to keep you in frame.

The Echo Show only moves when being interacted with, meaning it isn’t creepily following you around all the time when you’re within view. If you make an Alexa request, it’ll spin up to point at you. It’ll also do the same if you touch its touchscreen while not directly in front of it. If you’re watching a video or in a video call on the Echo Show 10, it will try to always keep you centered on the screen. You can disable the motion by saying
Alexa, turn off motion” or by closing the physical camera shutter.

The Echo Show 10’s screen is 10-inches in diagonal, like the model it replaces, and has an “HD” resolution. The screen can be manually tilted to adjust its position. Inside are 3 speakers, a pair of tweeters and a subwoofer, which now feature the same room tuning capabilities as the Echo Studio.

Amazon is adding group calling capabilities to the Echo Show 10 to take advantage of the large screen. In addition to Alexa calling, Zoom calls, and Skype, Amazon is adding support for their own Amazon Chime video conferencing service. The Echo Show 10 will periodically scan the room for people while Alexa Guard is enabled and send you a notification if someone is around.

As mentioned the new Echo Show 10 is available in a dark charcoal color and a white color for $249.99. The Echo Show 10 is not yet available for preorder, but you can sign up to be notified once it’s available through the product page.

One comment
  1. Anthony Rossetti says:

    I made a post on here a long time ago saying they should make something exactly like this’
    I said it should be designed to look like a 2002 i mac G4
    but be motorized to follow you
    this seems pretty close

    Well if Amazon is still reading and stealing my ideas
    then the next device should be the “Nintendo switch” of Amazon devices’

    Basically this same design or one more similar to the imac design
    but this time offer an 8″ model but have the screen be a detachable fire HD 8 plus that magnets to the base for wireless charging or that can be left on to run off AC via the charge inductor and then throw in a folio style 3 pin magnet keyboard connector on it too while you’re at it

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