Amazon’s new Developer Publishing API allows developers to submit/manage large quantities of apps


Amazon has announced a preview for their new Developer Publishing API which allows developers to proceduraly submit, update, and manage a large number of apps without using Amazon’s developer website. The new API is similar to one offered by Google Play and lets developers change things like app images and descriptions across their entire catelogue fo apps in one go. It is probably this API which Fullscreen, Inc. utilised when submitting their now over 1,500 YouTube channel apps to the Fire TV appstore. Amazon is requiring that developers who use this mass management API to only submit apps which are free and contain no in-app purchases. With this new API, we can probably expect apps to be released in mass more frequently in the future.

  1. Nooooooooooo! :(

    Quality, not quantity please people.

  2. Juliano says:

    It sounds like to me that they are gearing up for Amazon Underground coming to the Fire TV, well let’s hope so

  3. Dan says:

    How about getting Kodi on the AppStore now?

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