Amazon’s new 2022 Fire 7 tablet is on sale for the first time — Fire HD 8 & 10 also on sale

Amazon has just put its all-new Fire 7 tablet on sale for $44.99, which is 20% off its regular price of $59.99. This tablet was just released two months ago and has never been on sale before today. Also on sale for just $5 more, and probably a better buy for most people, is the Fire HD 8 for $49.99. While the Fire 7 has the same processor and 2 GB of RAM as the Fire HD 8, the larger tablet has twice the storage, longer battery life, and a slightly better screen. If you want an even better experience, you can get the Fire HD 10 for $99.99, which is 33% off its regular price of $149.99. With it, you get an even better screen, 3 GB of RAM, and an even better processor. These deals, as well as all the Fire TV devices currently on sale, are part of Amazon’s big Back-to-School sale.

  1. Rik Emmett says:

    Does the 7″ tablet fit your pocket?

    • It’s 4.63 inches wide, so I would say it would only fit in VERY large pockets.

      • Rik Emmett says:

        Seems like it might be better to buy the kids version and get a 2 year worry free guarantee, ad free and a free case for $70.

    • Carl W. says:

      I’ve had the two previous versions of the 7″ and they both fit perfectly in all my suit and sport jacket pockets, the ones on the inside of the jacket. I guess they’re called the breast pockets. They also fit in the jacket side pockets, but loosely and didn’t seem as secure as the inside pockets that almost seemed made for the 7″ tablet. I never put them in trouser pockets, though.

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