Amazon’s lightning deal on its 50″ 4K Fire TV Smart TV sold out in 5 minutes

Amazon has a lot of great deals on its devices during Prime Day this year, many of which are at all-time low prices, but none were better than the 50″ Amazon Fire TV 4-Series 4K Smart TV for $99.99. At an impressive 78% off its regular price of $469.99, it was certainly the deal to get. However, as a lightning deal with limited stock allocated for the rock bottom price, it was pretty obvious that the deal would sell out fast. The sale went live at 6:00 am PT today, as expected, and within 3 minutes the real-time purchase tally indicated that 50% of the TVs were accounted for. Around 6:05 am, just 5 minutes after the deal went live, the purchase count indicated 100% and the deal was sold out.

Amazon had a similar lightning deal yesterday for a 32″ Insignia 720p Fire TV Smart TV for $49.99. At 72% off its regular price of $179.99, it too was a great deal, but not nearly as popular as the 50″ 4K TV deal. The 32″ TV deal also went live at 6:00 am PT, but it didn’t reach 50% untis sold until 6:10 am PT. It wasn’t until 6:25 am PT, a full 25 minutes after the deal went live, that the 32″ TV was sold out.

This was the first time, that I’m aware of, that Amazon pre-announced in its Prime Day press release that it would be having lightning deals on Fire TV Smart TVs. That could be because this was the first Prime Day that Amazon had its own branded TVs available for sale, since they were just released last September. All prior Prime Days only had 3rd-party Fire TV Smart TVs from manufacturers like Insignia and Toshiba up for sale, but it wasn’t until this year that Amazon had its own TV to price as it wished. Congrats to everyone that managed to snag the best deal of Prime Day.

  1. Jesse says:

    Got one cause of you having it posted. Thank you.

  2. Chris Lukas says:

    Me too, got one because Elias posted, many thanks

  3. Mark says:

    I also would like to add my heartfelt thanks to Elias and his site!

  4. Erin says:

    Thank you so much! There is no way we would have snagged this deal without you.

  5. AuburnJohn says:

    One more h/t to Elias! Thanks!! (This marathon is almost over so get some rest… Black Friday will be here before you know it.)

  6. Anthony Rossetti says:

    Thanks Elias,
    Was able to score one because of your posts.
    Really missed this blog when you were away working for big A ,so glad it’s back.
    Five more seems like a really long time
    I think it could have been less.
    Wonder how this TV is ,if it has local dimming zones and how many of if it is just backlit or edge lit
    Just bought a C1 55″ OLED for the bedroom
    But in the Living room I have a 1080p 2014 Bravia
    The Sony will still look better than this I bet but maybe I will be surprised
    Not long after I got it everyone told me it looked better than their 4k TV.

  7. Anthony Rossetti says:

    *five minutes

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