Amazon’s Key service will soon offer deliveries into your garage

Amazon has announced a few changes to their Key delivery service that allows Amazon packages to be delivered into your home or your car trunk. For starters, the service is getting a slight rebranding and will now be called “Key by Amazon.” The bigger news is that customers will be able to receive deliveries directly into the garages, which is probably a less invasive option for most people than giving Amazon access to their home or car.

The new Key for Garage option works through a partnership with MyQ, which is a smart garage door product that allows people to remotely control their garage doors while away from home. The MyQ kit costs around $80 and can be added to existing garage doors.

With Key for Garage and a compatible garage door, Amazon delivery personnel will be able to remotely open your garage door so that they can place your packages inside. Just as with Key for Home, you’ll receive a notification when your garage door is opened and closed. If you have an Amazon Cloud Cam in your garage, it will also automatically record the delivery and include it with the notification, but the camera is not a requirement of the service.

Amazon is also integrating the Key smart lock service with the Ring app. This will, for example, allow owners of Ring Smart Doorbells to unlock their Key compatible door locks directly within the Ring app. Amazon has also announced Key service for businesses which allows property owners to give delivery drivers access to commercial and residential buildings via a key fob for deliveries.

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