Amazon’s first original movie ‘Chi-Raq’ now available for Prime members


Just 2 short months after it’s theatrical debut, Chi-Raq, Amazon’s first original movie, is now available to stream for free by Prime members. Amazon set out, at the start of last year, with a goal of 12 original movies per year. Chi-Raq is the first step towards that goal, with the theatrical release of Creative Control next month bwing their second step. With Amazon’s recent shopping spree at the Sundance Film Festival, they now have a total of 12 movies under their belt, which we can expect to be released in the coming year and eventually become available to Prime members shortly after release.

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  1. clocks says:

    I’m starting to have concerns about how Amazon and Netflix are spending their programming budget. Honestly, I’d rather they spent on misc old stuff like they have for years, than spending big money on Adam Sandler & Spike Lee movies. Every time I see a list of original content for one of these companies, 95% of it is unappealing to me.

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