Amazon’s fight against Fire TV resellers by deregistering devices is hurting regular customers

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Amazon started the practice of deregistering Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks, that they believed were registered to reseller accounts, back in October of last year. This has been happening periodically to customers who have around 10 or more Fire TV devices registered to the same Amazon account, but this week, it seems Amazon has gotten much more aggressive with logging out devices. I’ve been flooded with messages this week via Twitter, Facebook, Patreon, the comments on this site, and email from people who have spontaneously had their devices deregistered. Some of them have as little as 3 devices and others have been logged out twice this month alone.

I’ve reached out to Amazon for comment on this topic, but have not received a response, so I can only speculate that the reason Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks are being deregistered is to fight resellers. There is a Fire TV black market, for Fire TV Sticks especially, that Amazon has been fighting for years. Individuals buy Fire TV devices, load them with piracy software, and resell them for a profit with the promise of free movies and TV shows.

In order for the resellers to load piracy software onto these devices, they must first sign into the device with an Amazon account. They usually use throwaway Amazon accounts, that were created explicitly for the setup process, and leave those Amazon accounts signed in so the buyers of the device can start using them immediately and without the concern of linking their legitimate Amazon account to illegal practices. The continued use of a throwaway Amazon account is the biggest problem for Amazon, more so than the use of the Fire TV device to consume pirated content.

Amazon sells Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks at essentially what it costs to make them, meaning they don’t make any money on the sale of the hardware, and almost certainly lose money when you factor in development, distribution, and marketing costs. Amazon’s market strategy is to make their profit after the device is sold, through Prime memberships, movie and TV show purchases, banner ads in the interface, generic shopping, app purchases, and various other ways. That’s how Amazon can justify selling the Fire TV Stick at $39.99, when the voice remote it comes with costs $29.99 alone and its closest competitor, the Roku Stick, costs $10 more, yet is less powerful and doesn’t even include a voice remote.

If a customer buys a Fire TV device and never spends any additional money as a result of that purchase, Amazon literally loses money. That’s completely fine and Amazon expects it to happen often. For all the customers who don’t spend much or any money through their Fire TV, there are enough people who do to make up for it. The key for Amazon to keep the Fire TV line a viable business is to keep the ratio of [total money spent through Fire TVs] to [total money lost by selling Fire TVs] in the positive. The single biggest factor hurting that ratio right now is the reseller black market.

Amazon must, at the very least, keep the potential to earn money a possibility. That’s why they banned launcher replacement apps from use on the Fire TV. Those who permanently use throwaway Amazon accounts with their Fire TV are essentially cutting off all possibility for Amazon to recoup the money lost in selling the Fire TV device that’s being used. That’s why Amazon is deregistering devices they think may be using a reseller’s Amazon account. Their goal through the practice is for black market buyers to use their own legitimate Amazon account so the possibility to make a profit, or even just break even, remains open.

All of that is absolutely no excuse for how Amazon is haphazardly determining which accounts could be reseller accounts. The ones being most negatively affected by false-positive mass deregistrations are legitimate customers who have fully invested in the Fire TV ecosystem. An Amazon account with many Fire TVs registered to it is often a customer with devices on all of their TVs, who has likely upgraded those devices over the years as new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick models were released. That’s why they have so many devices registered, not because they are a reseller.

I’m all for the deregistration practice if it’s necessary to fight resellers and keep the Fire TV line alive, but if Amazon is solely using the number of Fire TV devices registered to the account as the determining indicator of a reseller account, which it seems like they are, they need to quit being lazy and do a better job. There are so many other factors at their disposal, like whether or not all devices under an account are being used from the same IP address, or if the account is a Prime member who actively streams Prime video, or if the account has ever made a purchase through the Fire TV, or if the account has a credit card associated with it. I could go on and on, but it seems like Amazon isn’t using any of that information. There’s no excuse for so many regular Fire TV owners to have their devices deregistered and especially no excuse for it to ever happen multiple times, yet alone in the same month.

If you’ve been hit by a mass deregistration wave and are fed up, or get fed up in the future, I hate to say it, but the best thing you can do is negatively review your Fire TV and/or Fire TV Stick on Amazon. We’ve seen in the past that negative reviews make Amazon take notice of issues and act to correct those issues.

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  1. Salman says:

    Not a reseller. Have 7 devices. 5 in Bedrooms, 1 living and and 1 Basement. Account has Prime and have Kodi installed. All have been de-registered twice this month. Could Kodi installed be a factor for the de-registration?
    Btw out of 7, 4 are FTV that are rooted and 3 Sticks which are not.
    Not sure who and why they are targeting.

    • xnamkcor says:

      My guess is they don’t even look at the installed programs and just go by how many registered devices on your Amazon account.

      • Robert P Adams says:

        The rich want all the monies. Fredrick selling at cost…. bologna. Amazon is owner is moving up on the richest company list.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Evidence I’ve seen strongly suggest Kodi is not a factor. I and others have had devices deregistered that have never had Kodi installed on them.

      Also, the article explains the likely reason why this is happening.

    • Charlestine says:

      I just read if you have to many on one Amazon account they will deregister them ,so I will advise making another account and put some on them.

      • Jeff_C says:

        That is not a viable solution for most. Think about exiting a show in one room, and then ‘resuming’ in say the bedroom, That synched resume point will not be available if they are registered to different accounts.

  2. Y314K says:

    I would just add that if your going to negative review the FTV(S) devices for the de-registering. Please include the the 24p switching issue in there too. Specially since it affects more then just Kodi. And also include MiraCast if you still can’t connect your Android devices. That way we can kill 3 birds with one stone.

    • Y314K says:

      BTW, I have 9 devices in my account. 7 of them FireTV types. 4 FTV1’s are Rooted & 3 FTVS1’s are not. All have Kodi installed. 2 of the Rooted FTV1 devices have been unplugged for about a year. Not sure if that has affected things. But in the last year I think only one of the FTVS1’s de-registered for no apparent reason. But that one could of been user error too. Not sure. But none of them have had any problems in 2017.

      • Y314K says:

        Forgot to note that all of my devices have custom names. I did not leave the stock name given by Amazon at first registering. Not sure if that might be a factor too for de-registration.

    • AFTVnews says:

      You should consider a career as a political lobbyist :-P

  3. Richard says:

    Thank you for this post.

    It happened to me twice in 5 days recently. And I have seven devices; registering them is a damn nightmare.

    What’s especially annoying is that I have the two-factor authentication on (which requires me to type in a code from my phone each time I reregister). You’d think Amazon would catch a clue… someone who has dutifully registered and reregistered seven devices TWENTY ONE TIMES in total, always using the two-factor authentication, would be considered legit.

    It really bums me because I have encouraged my whole family and several friends to get Fire Sticks; 23 in total. And the last month it’s become a parade of family and friends contacting me angry that the “wonderful device” I told them to get was asking to be reregistered. And it has required two trips to my dad’s house because the whole process it kind of a challenge for older folks.

    And to add insult to injury, every time you re-register, it loses the placement of all of your apps in the “your apps” section… so add another 5-10 minutes to have to move them all around again. You’d think amazon would both allow you to “save” the locations of your apps, and use that same saved set to populate your other devices.

    • AFTVnews says:

      All really great points. Thanks for mentioning it here. The article was running long so I decided to remove the part where I discussed why it’s so annoying to reregister. Two-factor is a big one because it means the device can’t be used by other family members (even if they know the account password) until the person with the two-factor device/code is contacted or comes home.

      This has happened to me enough where I’ve created a separate business Amazon account to use with my testing devices in hopes that my main device stays logged in for my wife.

  4. Lawrence says:

    I’ve had this happen to me too. While it is totally annoying this is the reason, I am at least glad it is something specific and not just some random issue. I myself have seven devices; six rooted aftv2s, one rooted aftv1, and a stick. Every device has been deregistered in the last month or so. Unacceptable.

  5. Richard says:

    Forgot to mention; I have had my Amazon account with this same email for almost 20 years. I just checked; my first purchase was a CD(!) of the Rolling Stones Through the Past Darkly on July 31, 1998.

    Since then I’ve probably spent 30k at amazon. All with the same email address. You’d think a customer with 20 years of buying experience from then, and tens of thousands of dollars in sales with them, would warrant a pass in their system.

    The reason I’ve bought 11 fire tv devices (including 4 that I replaced with newer gen versions) is because I LIKE THEIR PRODUCT. Not because I am reselling them. Ugh Amazon.

  6. tech3475 says:

    One thing they forget, the resellers wont care because by the time any issues appear they’ve already got their money, they’d need to block them at the point of activation e.g. require a credit card for an account or a gift card of some kind (which may at least cover the cost of the device).

    If anything, this move may just cause people to think negative of the platform.

    Right now I have 3 Fire TVs and 2 Fire Sticks, not affected so far but if things like this continue to be in the news then it may make me reconsider buying another should I need a new Android box.

    • Manabi says:

      It’s very much causing some people to think negative of the platform. I’m mostly invested in Roku, because I was before the Fire TVs came out. But I also have Amazon Prime, and have had it for probably a decade now. I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, and have a Kindle Paperwhite and an old 1st gen Amazon Fire tablet. But I absolutely will not consider a Fire TV now, largely because of issues like this. I’ll stick to Roku, I can always watch Amazon Prime on it, and they aren’t deregistering people’s devices.

  7. Lawrence says:

    I just called them up. They re-registered my devices for me. I was very specific about how this was in the news surfacing about it being an Amazon ploy, that I was *not* a reseller, and I wanted it to stop ruining my customer experience. The guy I spoke to said he was going to bring it up in his team meeting today and would get back to me in a couple of days to let me know the outcome. Fingers crossed.

    • Dave says:

      I’ll buy you a beer if the Amazon rep actually gets back to you like he said he would.

      • Fas says:

        But the rep a beer for actually got Calli g him lol. +1 though. I doubt itll happen.

        • Jeff_C says:

          I think he will get a call back. I have found Amazon Customer Services very good. I hope Lawrence responds with the result in a few days time to let us all know.

  8. Paul Derrick says:

    Had my nine de-registered twice in the past fortnight. Did an online chat the second time insterad of logging them in manually. Was blatantly lied to when they said it hadn’t happened from their end, and that someone must have gone to each box and logged them out. As if.

    • Richard says:

      Yep, I called in after already re-registering half my devices. The woman I spoke to claimed it was because they pushed the update to the OS and it caused the need to reregister.

      Except my devices got the new os last week. Pure baloney on their part.

      To their credit, my final three devices WERE re-registered without me having to type everything in.

      Of course all of my apps were fully out of place on each device in the “your apps” section so I still had to spend 5-10 minutes per device manually putting them back in place.

    • Y314K says:

      Amazon must of sent out the word to blame this on those pesky de-register gnomes…

      1. De-Register Amazon FTV devices.

      2. ???

      3. Profit.

      • Rab says:

        Just as cheap buying an android box now I have a few fire sticks n an m8s pro n my box was 10 quid dearer but is far superior, if they start that shit I’ll just buy boxes instead n not from amazon.

  9. whyroot says:

    This is just another reason I’ll probably buy a Mi Box instead of AFTV product. Too bad.

  10. Traci Wellz says:

    I have 2 fire tv’s. one took the new o/s fine. One was deregistered after the update. Signed in and all was good. In all honesty guys that have 6, 9, 11 devices under one account does look funny. Especially if there are multiple ip addresses. I’m pretty those that have 11 devices don’t have 11 tv’s in one home.

    • Lawrence says:

      I can’t speak to 11 devices but I have 8, and with three teenage Sons, a spare room, a workout room, a rec room, a living room and a master bedroom, I do indeed have eight TVs. Maybe it’s excessive, but that is my prerogative ;) We really don’t watch that much TV, but as a tech professional this type of gadget with a shared storage video library is just something I am into.

      Regardless, Amazon should not just be doing this on the basis that it might look “funny”. As a company that runs a multi-billion dollar cloud services company among other things, I imagine they are smart enough to work something out that is more conclusive and as another poster said above, it should be pretty clear from an account spending history and patterns whether or not this is genuine or re-seller activity.

      • Bbb21 says:

        If any are loaded with Kodi I’m glad they are doing it. Build a htpc if you want a real Kodi experience and quit ruining it for legit stock users. It’s messing up torrents and everything I hope they start making everything illegal like in foreign countries.

        • Lawrence says:

          If you could direct me to information about how I can build eight htpcs with the power and capabilities of an AFTV2 for less than $80 each, I’ll happily oblige :)

    • Richard says:

      Seven devices, one home, one IP address.

      If you’re implying that people with a lot of these devices are actually lying; well I can’t speak to anyone else, but it is definitely not true with me.

      Might look “funny” to you, but I would hope to Amazon it would look like what it is, a 20 year customer of Amazon, who loves Amazon stuff, and has decided to outfit his home in their products.

      • Adam says:

        Ever wonder how stuff like what’s happening on United and other airlines is able to happen?

        It happens when the business believes itself to be in a position where the customer won’t, or can’t (the difference doesn’t matter) go somewhere else.

        What’s scary is that sometimes they’re right. Using my example as a for instance, United isn’t in actual jeopardy. The CEO definitely might be, and United might suffer a quarter or two below expectations which is what will result in the CEO’s departure, but people will keep flying and will continue to book on United if the price is competitive.

        So IOW, we’re at a place where a company can literally refuse to deliver what the customer paid for AND have the customer beaten up by the government AND still thrive in the long term.

        That is a company very comfortable in its position.

        Have you been part of making Amazon that?

        Speaking for myself, I can’t legitimately say I haven’t.

        And that itself might be the problem.

  11. dk1 says:

    I’m sorry but there has to be a better solution than de-registering a valid account to combat re-sellers from selling Fire TV/Sticks…
    I have at least 5 Fire TV/Sticks and at least 3 were de-registered. In at least one case I could not register that box on the same account that it had been on for a few years. That became a serious PITA because I had no idea it was Amazon de-registering the boxes.

  12. clocks says:

    The other annoyance for me, besides having to re-login, it having to resort how I want my apps to appear. By default, Amazon puts most of their stuff in front, even though I never use Music, Free Time, etc… And I don’t think there is anyway to remove their apps from my list.

    • Richard says:

      This is actually the MOST annoying part to me. Basically it takes 5-10 minute re-sorting all my apps on my “your apps and games” page.

      The solution Amazon should employ is simple; just save the placement of all the apps. And also, allow us to share that placement across devices, so no matter which tv I go to, I know that netflix will be first, hulu second, cbs all access third, etc.

      In terms of removing apps, you CAN do it. On the “Your apps and games” page, go to the app you want to remove. Then hit the “menu” button on your remote. Then select “uninstall”. After doing that, use the menu button again, and this time select “Remove from cloud” and it should go away.

      • clocks says:

        I didn’t think you could remove the pre-installed Amazon apps.

        Anyway, I agree they should give us the option to save our App order in the cloud, so that it only has to be fixed on one device. It seems like many of us have 3-4 FTVs in our households, so it would be nice to have a way to keep them all in sync.

        • Ujn Hunter says:

          Only problem I can see with this is that it’s not a guarantee that all your Fire TV devices have the same Apps installed. I know I install different Apps on different devices.

          • Richard says:

            So just give us the option. Have a choice to “save app layout” on each device, then have another option that says “import app layout from another device” followed by a list of devices with this account.

            So this way if amazon decides to deregister all device AGAIN, for the the third time in two weeks, you can quickly update to your old layouts; either they are duplicated across all devices or individually for each one.

          • Ujn Hunter says:

            That would be great, but I wouldn’t hold my breath… the Amazon Fire TV developers can’t even figure out how to re-add their “Screen Configuration” options to the Fire TV Stick.

          • Linda Stephens says:

            Go on Microsoft it’s better and it’s legal

      • Jami says:

        I have several Amazon Firesticks and recently have had 2 de-register. Now that I am trying to re-register them it continually displays in red *no account is know with that log in
        However, it is my current account and I am able to login to my Amazon account from my laptop and my phone, just not the Firestick.
        Any suggestions?
        Was hoping to avoid contacting Amazon & the headache of that.

  13. Mewtwo says:

    There should be a system option for either local ordering or global ordering.

  14. Bill says:

    I think it’s to to drop Amazon prime and buy a Roku or mi box.

    • Manabi says:

      I don’t know about the Mi box, but on Roku you can watch Amazon Prime videos too. There’s an app for it, works fine, and Roku isn’t de-registering devices like Amazon is.

      • Adam says:

        How is Kodi/SPMC running on Roku’s?

      • JC says:

        Nvidia Shield does it all and faster than most if not all. MI box not bad but recent issues with HBO now and no Android 7 yet. Get Shield at Jet for 15% off if new buyer. MI box at $70 plus $50 game pad is almost to Shield price anyway. And yes Shield has Amazon app on Android TV. MI box does not.

        • Adam says:

          Shield box would be for me (even tried one once) except my 5.1 system runs off optical, not HDMI. So Netflix, and other apps that only output surround sound in Dolby Digital Plus, which doesn’t go over optical, leaves me listening to stereo on my otherwise perfect surround sound system.

          If they just did what Amazon does with Dolby Digital support I would jump (again) on a Shield.

          Until then, I’m going to have to wait until I upgrade to an HDMI sound system.

        • dk1 says:

          There is a 3rd party app that gives you Prime Movies that works great on the Mi Box.

        • ant says:

          Shield is massively overpriced if you’re not in to gaming

  15. Joe says:

    I have a mi box, its way better than firetv or fire stick. I really don’t miss the fire cluttered interface.

  16. John Grover says:

    Ah that might explain why one of my two devices did a factory reset. A option to factory reset randomly came up and my wife tried to cancel but it continued anyway. Very annoying but understand the reason why they are doing it but I only have 2 devices.

  17. Trina lee says:

    I’ve took a couple from under my account to put in kids room so they wouldn’t charge anything to my account. Which they had b4. And gave some to my sisters to as gifts. They shouldn’t target us period. I pay for prime and nextflix and hulu. They don’t need to come my way..

    • JC says:

      I agree 100%, I pay for those three plus PS Vue, HBO Now. These media monopolies need to get on board with 2017 and revise distribution and pricing, just like the music industry did. But some artists don’t think me paying $10/month for music is enough.

  18. Charlie says:

    Honestly, I’d rather it deregister instead of getting stuck with a hard cap where you have to deauthorize devices before you can add new ones (like Audible) or have to wait 30 days for a slot to clear to prevent abuse from rapid deauthorization (like Amazon Music)

    Seems like this is the best solution to a bad problem.

  19. Brad says:

    all my affected devices are rooted, this is what I was told in chat today:

    Durga Prasad: I understand Bradley, let me discuss this with my supervisor to assist you better with this.
    Thanks for waiting.
    I’ve checked and found that recently an update has be aired for FireTV/stick devices.
    Device was trying to update and something went wrong that was the reason devices got deregistered.
    once you update the devices, this issue will be fixed.
    it’s a fake rumor that Amazon is deregistering the devices.

    • Richard says:

      “it’s a fake rumor that Amazon is deregistering the devices.”

      Are you kidding me? He actually wrote this? I wonder if there is an “escalation email” where you can report this. That’s a flat out lie.

    • xnamkcor says:

      Did the customer support stop capitalizing sentences? Or is that you talking?

  20. Odog says:

    Maybe we should return them all

  21. I’m not a reseller and have not been affected by this, but I have bought a lot of FTVs and Rokus and shared many with many friends. When I move on from a product, I tend to pass the devices on to the unindoctrinated. This action warns me that there is great risk and little reward for those who promote Amazon products. Lesson learned.

  22. We’ve spoken about this before, Elias and I agree completely.

    In the past week I’ve had multiple devices deregister twice.

    I can understand Amazon’s purpose in this regard, but twice?

    If someone re-registers their device, it should be fairly clear that they’re legitimate.

  23. JC says:

    My fire stick is in the drawer. I rather pull out 2 old Chromecast than that thing. Otherwise my Nvidia Shield and 2 other MI boxes do just fine.
    I’m about done with Amazon after the sudden 8.9% sales tax. Not sure if keeping prime is worth it. Glad I didn’t buy much media with them and went to Google Play instead.

    • Richard says:

      “I’m about done with Amazon after the sudden 8.9% sales tax.”

      I think you might be tilting at windmills there. You definitely will find other internet outlets not charging sales tax, but likely not for long.

      In terms of your other thoughts, I totally hear what you are saying. For me at least–someone with a very long history with Apple TVs, Rokus, and Chromecasts, I find the Fire TVs and Fire Sticks to be the very best of the lot, for both obvious and subtle reasons.

      My only real complaint boils down to this deregistration issue.

      • JC says:

        Perhaps but, is 1/2 that sales tax since they charge state only and not city and county. Makes a difference. I pay more to Amazon for sales tax than driving 2 miles up the road to a Walmart, because of city boundaries. Makes no sense. And my city just tried to go up another 1%, which I think got voted down. That would be 9.9%, in the middle of nowhere Missouri.

  24. TechyChris says:

    A little off topic here but I heard the argument that Amazon sells their devices “at cost” and they have to make money on content after the sale so they feel box re-sellers are modding so Amazon lose out. Partially true but I believe it’s more about protecting their “baby” The Amazon OS Platform and they just don’t want anybody mucking with it. Elias I think you are over estimating how much the devices actually cost Amazon to produce, it’s shockingly low, they are making profit. A little “insider” history lesson (since my NDA’s have long since expired) Many years ago I worked for one one a few Contract Manufacturing Companies that produced the X-Boxes for Microsoft. I was the Asst. Manager in the”Advanced Materials Procurement” Dept. (fancy huh?) At that time the boxes were $199/$299 est. retail (not sure what they are now) TOTAL cost of material and assembly labor per unit was $35 plus approx $18 shipping costs and combined import/export tariff = $53 US and we took grief over that # from the higher ups, had to lower it to $28/15. The Amazon units cost considerably less to produce, I estimate the box runs $10-$12 and the stick a couple less than that. I’m tired of Amazon crying poor mouth.

  25. jimberkas says:

    i have five fire tvs and two fire tablets, 1 kindle and subscribe to Prime and Amazon Music. I have those installed on about 8 phones and probably 10 tablets. I’ve been a Prime member for probably 20 years and my wife buys thousands of dollars of stuff to supply her veterinary business from Amazon. So yeah, we’ve got a lot invested in Amazon. I haven’t had any deregistered devices…yet.
    This would be a big pain in the ass if it affected us and would impact our decision to continue investing in Amazon. All devices are registered under one account with the same IP address. I have also bought a couple Fire TVs for my parents but I deregistered them and had them register under their own account.
    another gripe I have, is when I try to add Amazon Apps or Music or whatever to a new phone or device and they say I’ve got too many registered devices and they won’t let me install the apps.

  26. Matthew Findlay says:

    Bought my first firetv stick last week for the bedroom and I’m loving it. So much so that I was going to get the firetv box for my main tv in living room to replace my out dated android box and also a stick each for my dad and sister as I’ve been liking mine so much. I’m seriously considering now to give that a miss now as all 4 devices will be registered to my account .

    • Jeff_C says:

      Please bear in mind that de-registration is not happening to everyone en-masse. Also the unfortunate customers who are affected are more likely to make their plight known in forums like this and elsewhere, while there are probably many more customers who have not been de-registered, who do not say so. That’s just the way it is.

      FWIW I have two Fire TV boxes and one Stick and have suffered no de-registrations.

    • LetsBeHonest says:

      If you do not have an Amazon Prime account, you have very little to worry about. If this were actually happening en-masse to legit accounts, we’d learn about it outside specific forums.

      If you do have an Amazon Prime account and were planning on letting your dad and sister piggyback off of that to get Prime content, you might have an issue. Sharing Prime content is not allowed and at some point, you might get deregistered. You can still give them to your sister and father, purchase them as gifts, not preregistered. Then let them register.

      (deregistered does not mean broken just means you have to reregister)

      If you look closely at all the responses here, many of them are (admitted or not), probably sharing their Prime accounts. While many comments are legit, one of the reasons some people here are upset is deregistering causes phone calls to them to come over and fix it. (note, not come “downstairs” and fix it) I am not saying all deregistrations are valid, of course Amazon makes errors, but just read the comments here, it’s in-between the lines.

      I have 4 Ftv’s and 7 Kindles (upgraded several times) all registered on the same account and in the same household. I have never had an issue.

      I came to this thread because a friend email linked it with “see, this is what I am talking about” and low and behold, his “story” is in a comment.

      Hey Bro.. nice lying you’re doing here!

      His comment is a fabrication, he gave several of his devices away to his extended family in another state and they all piggyback his Prime account, but here he is telling us they are all in his home (he has 2 TVs). My guess, is half the people here are leaving out certain facts, just like him.

      “I am so mad that my 10 FTV’s in my 10 TV room mansion are deregistered! So Unfair!” Right…

      • Richard says:

        Glad everything is working out for you and super happy you have called me and others liars. Thanks.

        ME: purchased 11 units over the last few years, 4 no longer in use and in fact taken off my account. So that leaves 6 fire sticks and one fire TV.

        Not one has every left my house. Which isn’t a “mansion” btw.

        fire sticks in four bedrooms, one in kitchen, one in utility room/shop, fire tv in living room. The kitchen and utility room ones don’t really get used much, but since we had little TVs in each, figured “why not?”

        Been deregistered 3 times including twice last week.

        Please carefully parse these words to explain how I’m lying and leaving out certain facts, oh wise genius.

        • LetsBeHonest says:

          You are responding to me as if I had specifically called you out.. I did not. I didn’t call anyone specific (other than my friend and he knows who he is) a liar..but you took certain offense.

          Your anecdotal situation is meaningless in context. I have a specific example in this very thread of someone I personally know lying about his situation. There are also several references in this thread to what any reasonable person would consider “sharing” Prime accounts.

          So, what I said stands, regardless of your personal offense. (which seems a bit self-important btw)

          In my response to Matthew Findlay (notice.. it was not toward you) I basically said if he were purchasing for himself, and he purchases a few as a non-preregistered gift for family members he will more than likely have no issues. If instead, he purchases two for himself and purchases a few more tied directly to his prime account for family members, he will more than likely have an issue at some point.

          Nothing I said is arguable.

          The point is that this is an overinflated issue and in SOME cases, the people reporting the issue are not being honest, making it seem more widespread and “unfair” in the process.

  27. Dee Alma says:

    I have 1 firestick registered and working very well. I decided to register my 2nd firestick to connect to an RV TV. I had to use 2 step verification but now my remotes don’t work at all.
    I’ve replaced the batteries and nothing.
    Has anyone had this problem? I am using the TV remote to use the Firestick.
    I have tried the “add remotes..bluetooth devices but nothing had worked.
    I’ve read all the comments searching for anyone else and all of the ppl commenting seem very knowledgeable about this tech stuff.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.Thanks-

  28. telobeck says:

    I thought it was My credit card on file that caused the de-register on all of my 7 sticks. I called after the second de-register because I thought it was the credit card on file or a issue like that. I knew some of my names of devices I had in my account and about 1/2 of them were just numbers. During the Chat with customer service I was passed on to FIVE different customer service people and it was 45 min of time with them. They knew all of the devices names. If it were a giant mistake, it could have been fixed by them with out a call or chat.

    The real problem with this move is I thought it was my credit cards on file that was the problem. I was not sure if my account was hacked or worse so I removed all of the cards I ever used in my profile. If it was to make sure the sticks I had were all on a account that they could make sales on, it did not work on me.

    I actually was considering a prime membership, but all of this monkey business soured me on that. I would think it helped MI box sales though..

  29. 1Maenad says:

    I just bought two firesticks for the living room tv and my mother’s room because the voice remote is easy for her. Was thinking about getting two more sticks, one for the kids gaming room and one for my room but not sure now. Will see how this plays out first.

  30. ted says:

    Of the people I have had discussions with, a reseller actually Has a 70% rate that they will join prime after 6 months and 85% after a year. Pretty dumb to mess with that. They make money off of every stick ,don’t kid yourself. Richest company in the world…lol

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