Amazon’s expected Black Friday Prices on Fire TV Stick, Echo, and more [Expired]


Amazon does not reveal all of their Black Friday sale prices prior to the big sales event. At best, they usually publish a press release a few days before Thanksgiving with a small list of some of their upcoming deals. During last year’s Black Friday, all of the various retailers that sell Amazon’s electronics matched Amazon’s Black Friday prices. The best way to predict Amazon’s Black Friday prices is to look at the prices of Amazon’s hardware at other retailers. Staples, which sells nearly all of Amazon’s electronics, has published their Black Friday Ad, so we now have a pretty good idea of some of Amazon’s Black Friday prices for their hardware.

It looks like Amazon will likely sell the all-new Fire TV Stick 2 for $29.99. That’s a fantastic price considering the device just came out a few days ago. Staples has not listed the Fire TV 2 in their ad, so we don’t know if that will be on sale or not.

The Amazon Echo is listed for $139.99 by Staples, so Amazon will likely have the same price. That’s not as good as the $129.99 price we saw during Prime Day this year, but it’s $10 less than the $149.99 price during Black Friday last year.

The Echo Dot 2 will likely be $39.99 on Amazon during Black Friday. Similar to the Fire TV Stick 2, this is a great price for a device that just came out a few weeks ago.

The Amazon Tap Alex-enabled portable speaker will probably be $89.99 during Black Friday. That’s not as good as the $79.99 price it was at during Prime Day, but will otherwise be the 2nd cheapest price it has ever been.

The 7″ Fire Tablet will likely be $33.33, which matches the price it was during Prime Day. Staples also has a Fire HD 8 listed oin their ad for $79.99, but this is last year’s model, so it does not tell us if Amazon will discount the new Fire HD 8.

Lastly, the Kindle Paperwhite will probably be $99.99 on Amazon during Black Friday. Amazon usually lists several of their Kindles on sale during Black Friday, but the Paperwhite is the only one Staples put in their ad. The Paperwhite’s $99.99 price matches last Black Friday’s price, but is $10 more than the price it was during Prime Day.

Amazon’s Black Friday prices tend to start at midnight the morning of Thanksgiving. I’ll be doing my usual round-the-clock coverage of all the best deals on Amazon during the big sales event. Be sure to check back on November 23rd, the night before Thanksgiving, and throughout the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

  1. Joe says:

    Nothing spectacular. I believe they will normally wait for other retailers and match prices as they see fit.

  2. clocks says:

    Direct TV Now will offer a free FTV Stick with their service.

  3. jimberkas says:

    Im full up on echos, dots, fire tvs, fire sticks, paperwhites, and fire tablets.

    what I really want, is for amazon to actually release that damn update that brings Alexa to my Fire HD 8!

    I check three times a day and NOTHING!

  4. tony says:

    Good deal on ftv2 stick…will be picking this up at that price..wonder if bestbuy, target, and staples will be selling it at the same price…just need this for a 4th room in the house.

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