Amazon’s Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order

Amazon Echo Buttons are now available to pre-order in a 2 pack for $19.99. These are accessories used to play games with any of Amazon’s line of Echo devices.

Echo Buttons are compatible with all old and new Echo devices, including the Amazon Echo (1 &
, Echo Dot (1 & 2), Echo Plus, Echo Show, and the upcoming Echo Spot. They’re not compatible with the Amazon Tap, Amazon Fire TV, or other non-Echo Alexa device.

Amazon says these buttons are “the first Alexa Gadgets,” implying that there will be additional accessories made for Echo devices. Amazon is making these Echo buttons themselves, but will soon provide developer tools for anyone to make an Alexa Gadget.

Echo Buttons connect to Echo devices over Bluetooth and are powered by a pair of AAA batteries. They’re about 3 inches wide, 1.5 inches tall, and have a multi-color LED that lights up the pushable button.

There are four Alexa skills that Amazon is highlighting that will work with Echo Buttons. Beat The Intro seems to be the only one that’s already released. It’s a game that plays the beginning of a song and, presumably, you’ll use the Echo Buttons to buzz in with the name of the song. The three other Alexa skill games that will use the buttons are Button Monte, Sounds Fun with Mike Epps from Ground Control, and Fourth Down Football Trivia with Philip Rivers. With over 6,000 Alexa skill games already available, you can expect there to be many more options once the Echo Buttons are in the wild.

Echo Buttons are available to pre-order now for $19.99 for a 2 pack. They’ll be released on December 19th, the same day that the Amazon Echo Spot will be released.

  1. Tampa8 says:

    They are killing it against Google…. I like the concept.

  2. stephana Rizzo says:

    this is a great concept… a bit pricey …

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