Amazon’s Dash Buttons grow to over 100 with 70+ new additions


To celebrate the device’s first birthday, Amazon has ballooned the number of available Dash Buttons to over 100 with the addition of 78 new participating brands. These are the small buttons that automatically order a given everyday product from with the push of a button. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, each button will cost you $4.99, but you’ll receive an automatic credit of $4.99 the first time you use the button, so they’re essentially free. You will receive the $4.99 credit for each button you purchase, not just the first one, so go ahead and stock up on free buttons for the participating products you order most often. The brands added today include Red Bull, Clorox, Vitaminwater, Arm & Hammer, Brawny, Charmin, Doritos, Peet’s Coffee, and much more. There’s no inidcation that these are the new Dash buttons that just made an appearance in an FCC filing, but it’s difficult to know for sure.

  1. Techy Chris says:

    I don’t get the point of these… why would anyone want a drawer full of these silly little devices. why not just have an app on your smartphone that an unlimited number of these “quick links” could be added to AND be secured with a password? I assume these run on button cell batteries, what happens when they give out? The batteries cost more than the device! Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Citrusfizz says:

      Well I don’t use them to order things, I use them to trigger things like my Sonos to start playing. You can write a python script that listens for ARP requests and if it matches the MAC address of the Amazon button you can spawn whatever you’d like.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The idea is you place them where the item being ordered will run out, so that reordering is convenient. Not all in a drawer.

      If you’re in the middle of doing something and happen to use the last of an item, you’re likely not going to drop everything and go reorder the thing thing that just ran out. (And you might forget to place the order later.) Instead, you just push the Dash button and continue on with what you’re doing.

      And they run on a single AAA battery.

  2. Ohiomedic says:

    I have two of them, I don’t see the purpose of some of them. I use one for laundry detergent, yard size trash bags. I have them in my garage and shed. I find it nice for those items that are kept out of the way. That way when I use the last I can just hit the button so I don’t forget. I know some people have been using the as buttons/switch for home automation.

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