Amazon’s Alexa to soon support custom lists

You will finally be able to create custom lists using Alexa, according to TechCrunch. Amazon is said to start rolling out the feature starting today, so it may not be available on your Alexa devices just yet. When it does arrive, you’ll be able to create new lists with custom names.

Ever since Alexa was first introduced on the original Amazon Echo, it has had the ability to store items on a shopping list and a to-do list. The new functionality announced today will allow you to create additional lists in addition to the default lists. You’ll do so by saying “Alexa, create a list.” Alexa will then ask you to name the list and you’ll presumably be able to add items to the list by saying “Alexa, add [item] to my [list name] list.

Amazon added support for 3rd-party list managers, like and Todoist, a year ago. More recently, they expanded that support by allowing 3rd-party Alexa skills to manage your two default Alexa lists. Those were great improvements to Alexa, but Amazon hadn’t improved any of Alexa’s built-in list capabilities until now.

  1. Ray says:

    This should prove very useful. We’ve enjoyed using OurGroceries as our third-party grocery list app, but this should open up a world of note taking for the absent minded among us. :)

  2. Al says:

    IF you create a shopping list using Alexa, can Alexa email a copy to me prior to going to the store? Hoe exactly do the lists you create withAlexa actually work? Thank so for the help.

    • Brad says:

      Using IFTTT you can have your Alexa shopping list emailed to you. You could, for example, set up an Alexa/IFTTT trigger so that as you’re about to head out to the store you say “Alexa, trigger email shopping list” and then IFTTT will take your Alexa shopping list and send it to you in an email.

      Or, even easier, just open the Alexa app while you’re at the store and look at your list from there. You can even check items off the list as you put them in your cart. (This is the way I do it)

  3. Joe says:

    “Alexa, add Siri to my enemies list.”

  4. URMyBudE says:

    A directory list consisting of a two-column (name and phone number) list of contacts is needed to support Alexa calling and messaging setup using the Alexa web-based application. Currently, only an Android or iOS-based smartphone can be used to link a contact listing to the calling and messaging feature using an Echo device. Big disappointment.

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