Amazon’s Alexa Smart Sticky Note Printer reaches pre-order goal and will be released

Earlier this week, Amazon launched a new crowdfunding-like program called Build It where the number of pre-orders of a product determines if the product gets released. The program launched with three potential Alexa Gadgets and, after less than 3 days, the first of those products has already reached the required number of pre-orders to be released. The Smart Sticky Note Printer, which allows you to print notes, lists, puzzles, and more on inkless sticky paper by asking Alexa, will be released later this year. Anyone who places a pre-order for the printer before March 19 will pay $89.99, while all orders after that date will pay the regular price of $114.99. The printer is estimated to be released between July – September 2021. As of this posting, the Smart Nutrition Scale and Smart Cuckoo Clock have only received 39% and 35% of their necessary pre-orders, respectively.

  1. darkheartdawning says:

    What benefit is there to a smart cuckoo clock compared to a traditional cuckoo clock? Or, maybe the whole thing is an oxymoron?

  2. TechyChris says:


    P.T. Barnum is famous for a lot of quotes but this one seems to fit here: “The common man, no matter how sharp and tough, actually enjoys having the wool pulled over his eyes, and makes it easier for the puller.”

  3. Anthony Rossetti says:

    $89 , i paid $40 for my canon all in one TS9020 photo printer
    of course the ink cost more than the printer

    too bad it can’t print actual shipping labels too
    also how is it “inkless” does it use toner or does it burn the paper to print?
    would be nice if it didn’t use ink or toner but a burning laser instead

    think i will wait till this goes the way of the dash wand and is marked down to free or nearly free before picking one up

  4. Kurtois says:

    “Smart Sticky Note Printer must be paired to a compatible Echo device (sold separately). It is NOT compatible with Echo (1st Gen), Echo Dot (1st Gen), Echo Plus (1st Gen), Echo Dot Kids Edition, or Amazon Tap.”

    What do the listed incompatible devices lack that would make them not work with this printer?

    I hope we are not seeing forced obsolescence here.

    • I’m pretty sure all of the incompatible Echo models are Bluetooth 3.0 devices. Since all of these Alexa Gadgets communicate with the Echo they’re paired with over Bluetooth, I’m betting the Echo needs to support at least Bluetooth 4.1.

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        So as long as I own at least 1 compatible Alexa Device to pair the Printer with, I should be able to ask any Alexa Device to print, correct?

        • You know what, sorry, but I don’t actually know if that’s how it works. Alexa Gadgets, like this printer, pair to a specific device and I don’t know if that is the only device that will accept commands for the gadget.

          • Ujn Hunter says:

            Okay. Thanks for the reply. I guess it wouldn’t matter much as you would probably normally put this next to the Alexa Device that you pair it with, so you’d be standing next to the printer while asking her to print in a most common real world scenario.

  5. Joe says:

    Just like Google, another experiment until the Devs find a new toy to play with and sell.

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