Amazon’s Alexa now supports Office 365 calendar integration

Amazon has added support to another calendar service to their voice assistant. Alexa can now integrate with Office 365 calendars. Support for Google Calendar was added about a year ago and then just last month we saw the addition of support, which also includes Hotmail and calendars. Now those of you using Microsoft’s office suite can ask Alexa what is on your calendar and have Alexa add items to your calendar using just your voice. You can link Alexa to an Office 365 account through the Alexa app or web portal.

  1. Kevin Wyman says:

    I can’t find this skill. Sounds promising though.

    • Kevin Wyman says:

      Nevermind. I realized it was through the native feature set and not a separate skill and I was able to link my Office 365 calendar. Now to test it out.

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