Amazon’s Alexa mobile app may soon add remote voice capabilities


Amazon’s Alexa mobile app, available through Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes, is primarily used to configure Alexa settings and view additional information related to Alexa actions. All of the remote capabilities the app provides revolve around controlling music. Currently, you can start and stop music playing through the Amazon Echo or Fire TV, but you can’t transmit voice commands to Alexa through the app. It appears like that’s about to change. announced their upcoming Alexa integration, and in doing so, may have inadvertantly revealed an upcoming feature of the Alexa app. In’s blog post they mention being able to say “Alexa, turn off the kitchen lights” to control smart bulbs configured to work with the home automation service. That Alexa capability has been present for a while, but the post goes on to say that when you’re “away from home, you can do the same – simply give the same instruction to your Alexa app.” That is currently not possible with the Alexa app as we know it today. You cannot speak to the Alexa app in any way. Only the Echo and the Fire TV voice remote currently accept voice commands for Alexa.

Adding the ability to speak voice commands into the Alexa app, while home or away, makes perfect sense. The Fire TV Remote app has always had the ability to facilitate voice commands to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, although the mobile device running the app must be on the same local network as the Fire TV. With both the Amazon Echo and the Fire TV gaining more home automation capabilities month after month, the ability to control Alexa on these devices when away from home is quickly becoming a desired feature.

Being able to issue any voice command to an Alexa capable device through the mobile app, as if you were in the same room as the device, will make Alexa even more of a home automation hub.’s Alexa support is slated to arrive “early this year,” so it’s plausible they’re waiting on an update to the Alexa app with these new remote voice capabilities before releasing the feature.

  1. MrG says:

    That would be a very nice added feature. Just speaking from the way we have integrated the Echo into home automation (using SmartThings and IFTTT) it is just amazing how well and how easy everything works using Alexa to issue commands.

    We turn on/off lights (or series of lights), turn on the TV, etc. all thru Alexa. We have a few Echos around and the house and voice remote on the FTV2 works just as well (although I don’t like how it pauses Kodi when I ask Alexa to turn off the lights, with the Echo of course it’s not an issue).

    But the whole natural voice integration of home automation is pretty cool. Adding voice thru the mobile app would be a nice feature, although pressing buttons on the SmartThings app isn’t too inconvenient. Again, this is just how we ended up doing home automation.

    For us, the Echo and Alexa has worked so well that we went from 1 in our house to 3!!! Which now covers basically our entire living space except for a room or two.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Amazon may have revealed the same feature in a link they provided to an upcoming partnership with ford, i think announced at ces. The video showed someone talking to Alexa and controlling their home from their car. Clearly they are developing ways, via their app or otherwise, to connect a voice command received elsewhere to your Alexa at home.

  3. JB says:

    Just having voice through the app would be awesome, if only to stop my wife from screaming at Alexa from across the house. But I’d definitely use it to turn on/off lights when I check in on my webcams.

  4. M.O says:

    This feature is available on an app called ROGER.

    • Johnny says:

      No it’s not…..The app has nothing to do with Alexa

      • Joshua says:

        Actually, Roger can connect to Alexa. What it cannot yet do is connect to your Echo or Echo Dot at home. It simply sends your voice command to Alexa (the cloud voice service, not to be confused with the physical device sitting in your living room).

  5. gremlin says:

    Isn’t it about time that this site posted information for specific geographic areas ?

    Alexa doesn’t currently work on UK amazon fireTV or stick. if you use the voice remote to switch on/off/dim the lights etc it looks for a film called that in the UK. If you try to use the alexa app it says it cannot find the alexa website in UK.

    It does work if you have an echo in the uk..

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