Amazon’s Alexa may soon distinguish between different voices

A report from Time magazine claims that sources familiar with Amazon’s Alexa strategy say Amazon is working to get Alexa to distinguish between different voices. This would allow different members of a household to access personalized Alexa capabilities without having to switch profiles. Time says the feature, called Voice ID, would match the person speaking to a voice sample, or “voice print.” It could allow only a parents voice to make purchases through Alexa, while blocking children, without requiring a PIN, like it does now. Another use would be automatically playing personalized music to match the taste of the person making the request. There’s no word on when, or if, this feature will be released.

  1. gremlin says:

    hopefully this will improve alexa’s recognition of different accents.

  2. Ujn Hunter says:

    Hopefully this releases before my 2 year old son is proficient enough to talk to Alexa… he already mimics me when I say “repeat the song”, luckily he doesn’t say “Alexa” all that well yet. Soon he’ll be turning things on and off though… so hopefully this comes soon. ;)

    • LD says:

      lets hope this feature works well… as for accents i think Alexa does well with any US Accent from what i have seen,

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