Amazon’s Alexa can’t be asked to forget what you ask it to remember

Amazon’s Alexa voice-assistant has a handy new feature that lets you ask it to remember things for you that you can request at will. The issue is that there is no way to ask Alexa to forget something by voice. Worse yet, you can’t just modify what Alexa remembers by telling it a new fact to replace an existing memory.

The only way to make Alexa forget something you asked it to remember is to delete the record in the Alexa app. Unfortunately, there is no way to see a list of what you’ve asked Alexa to remember. To delete a memory record, you must find the request in your Alexa history log on the home screen of the Alexa app and select the delete option associated with the request. As you can imagine, this will become a nearly impossible task if you want to delete a memory record weeks or months later.

If you ask Alexa to remember something that you’ve already asked it to remember, but with a different specification, Alexa will remember both items. So if you say “Alexa, remember my keys are in the bedroom” and then later say “Alexa, remember the keys are in the kitchen,” when you ask Alexa to tell you where the keys are, it will tell you they are in both the bedroom and the kitchen.

Until Amaozn addresses this oversight, it’s best to use Alexa’s new memory feature for items that will never change, like for remembering birthdays. If you make a mistake when asking Alexa to remember something, be sure to go into the Alexa app and delete the memory request before it gets burried in your request history.


Vonda in the comments has pointed out that you can ask “Alexa, what did I tell you to remember?” and a list will appear on the home screen of the Alexa app containing everything you’ve stored. Each item on the list can be deleted individually.

  1. Hhhh says:

    Everything Amazon implements Google Assistant has a version that works far better.

    Issues like th see just don’t exist on Google Home

    • Knowledge says:

      Yet Google Assistant has trouble understanding what you say. Stay on topic, Its a AFTV thread not a Reddit thread. ;)

  2. Vonda Z says:

    Not true. You can see a list of what you have asked Alexa to remember. Ask the Echo “Alexa, What Did I tell you to remember.” She will list the things you have told her. Then go to the Alexa app. The list is there, with the option to delete each individual item in the list.

  3. Dan says:

    I found that you can use the instructions at this link to make Alexa totally forget everything…

    Works for me!


  4. Tampa8 says:

    I go to Manage Device Content.

    The problem is Amazon does not make it well known or easy to know how to do it. At least you can unlike using the phone feature and not being able to delete contacts unless you literally call them and have the feature turned off.

  5. Big John says:

    I’m finding Alexa Blueprints to be a much more effective way to do the same thing as remembering. Blueprints has the added benefit of being able to easily modify or delete a skill.

    • Tampa8 says:

      Now that you mention it, I bet remembering is actually blueprint skills implemented in a different way.

  6. Raggedy says:

    No such problems here in the UK as the Remember function and Blueprints haven’t been implemented yet! :-(

  7. Andrew says:

    All I need to do is ask “Alexa, what was I supposed to remember?”. Alexa tells me, then I open the app. It has the recently asked and answered questions right on top along with a little “delete” button next to each reminder. Ask long as you ask Alexa what it is you were supposed to remember, you won’t have to sift through a history – it’ll just bring it right up front.

  8. Bruce says:

    I tried deleting what I asked Alexa to remember but when I asked her what did I ask to remember, she still remembered.

  9. v says:

    Good day, my question is not related to what y’all were talking about but it’s a good thing to know because I didn’t even know that function. I recently realized that my Echoes do not remember who I am and I tried to ask her what’s my name and she would do the response’she doesn’t know who she is talking to then I tried to go through the app way, where I tried and make a voice profile but she wants me to go restart the app as someone else. I tried to factory restart, uninstall and reinstall app, I chat with Amazon who basically told me to do the same stuff I did by myself.Amazon did however
    told me that there is a voice profile already but they dont know why I can’t access it. Can anyone help?

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