Amazon’s Alexa can now schedule meetings with specific people and notify them by email

A staple of any good virtual assistant has to be calendar management. Amazon’s Alexa gained the ability to read Google Calendar entries early on and followed it up later with the ability to add events to Google Calendar. Those capabilities were later expanded to support, Office 365, Google G Suite, and Apple iCloud calendars. Now they’ve been taken a step further with the new ability to schedule meetings with specific people, along with the option to notify the person by email of the newly scheduled event.

If you ask “Alexa, schedule [event name] with [person’s name] for [time and day],” the voice assistant will now follow-up by asking if you’d like the person to be emailed about the event. If you say yes, and Alexa can find the person’s email address in your contact list, Alexa will use your calendar service to send the person an email informing them of the event, the time, and the date. If Alexa can’t find the person’s email address, it will tell you so.

Asking to schedule an event with a person will always result in Alexa asking if you’d like an email sent to that person. However, if you know you definitely want an email sent and want to streamline the process, instead of asking to schedule an event, you can ask Alexa to invite someone by saying “Alexa, invite [person’s name] to [event name at [time and day].” saying “invite” instead of “schedule” will always trigger an email to the named person, assuming the person and email address are found in your contact list.

This new feature to notify event attendees relies on you having Alexa’s calling and messaging capabilities already setup. It’s during that setup process that you grant Alexa access to your phone’s contacts through the Alexa app. That’s how Alexa is able to locate the email address of the person you name when scheduling an event.

  1. Derek says:

    Anyone have an idea how to get alexa to send an email – i have emails associated with my phones’ contacts but alexa says i don’t have any – thoughts?

  2. Michael says:

    I’m having the same problem. It seems I get 50% of what I ask Alexa for and the other it has no idea what to do. Getting frustrated. It’s usually easier for me to ask my phone “ok google …..” and it works 95% of the time. Even sending e-mails. Also for those thinking about the Eufy, I’ve had disconnection issues since day 1, and their service people are pokey. 3 days goes by between messages with them. Also they confirmed via e-mail to me that ESP is coming, not there yet, and in about two weeks. Right now both my Dot and Eufy respond at the same time at different parts of the house 100% of the time.

    • Mike Blakeslee says:

      Hmm, that’s weird that your Eufy Genie hasn’t updated to the latest firmware. Mine is updated and the ESP must be in there because I was using separate Wake Words before. As soon as I saw the post about the ESP being in the latest firmware update I went in the EufyHome app to make sure mine had. I had to sign out and in because it was saying it couldn’t connect to my Genie even though my network connection was fine. So after I did this it refreshed and showed it had indeed updated. So then I headed over to the Alexa app and changed my Wake Word back to Alexa. Once done and just for good measure I unplugged our Echo Dots and Genie for about 10 secs and then back in. After that everything works in harmony, FINALLY!

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