Amazon’s Academy Award winning film ‘Manchester by the Sea’ is now on Prime Video

One of Amazon’s more highly anticipated original movies, Manchester by the Sea, is now available for Prime members to stream through Prime video. The movie won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay and Casey Affleck won Best Actor for his role in the movie. Manchester by the Sea was in the running for best picture, but that went to Moonlight, which will actually also be coming to Prime Video this month, on May 21st.

  1. TechyChris says:

    Interesting fact, Amazon has offered all residents of Manchester-By -The-Sea free 1 year Prime Memberships (presumably for putting up with the inconvenience of shooting the film as well as a good marketing ploy for Amazon!). I live 20 minutes from this town, the irony of this is that, contrary to what you might see on film this is an Extremely wealthy town, the majority can afford prime memberships 10 times over. Yes it started out a hard working fishing village but the “new money” yuppies started taking over in the late 90’s and property values soared!!!

  2. clocks says:

    Interesting, 3/5 rating on Amazons own site. I was planning on skipping it anyone, since I generally am not a fan of depressing dramas.

  3. Y314K says:

    It was a very well filmed, acted & even written movie. But I don’t see the point of movies that want you to emotionally buy into the characters & then they just show you a snipped of time, only explain a few things, maybe make one big decision & then just stop. There are enough unanswered ?’s in the real world to care about some fictional characters just because they made an emotional connection with you the audience. Making you wonder what was the point of watching this. You don’t have to leave everything unanswered to make folks think. We are capable of going back & analyzing the different crossroads in a characters arch. Well at least I am.

    But of course compare to the other crap that was release last year or this past decade. It was a very well made movie.

  4. Mark says:

    I enjoyed the flick. Thought the ending kinda sucked but other than that, it is easy to see why it wont Academy Awards.

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