Amazon’s 65-inch Fire TV Edition television is back on sale for $650

The Element 65-inch Fire TV Edition television is back on sale for $650 on Amazon. That’s the largest size that the TV is available in and at $250 off the regular price, this sale matches the lowest price that the TV has ever been. I’m a big fan of my Fire TV Edition television and still consider it to be the best Fire TV experience available, thanks to the built-in TV tuner that Amazon has done a great job integrating into Fire OS.

  1. William Hughes says:

    How is the quality of picture.

  2. Mark B says:

    Picture quality is supposed to just be average however I strongly recommend against buying this TV or any Amazon fire TV set for that matter. As a main House TV. They don’t do HDR. That would be like buying a Mustang that can only drive 25mph. HDR is now and very much in the future the next big advancement in televisions. 4K is not even a half of the equation. If you’re going to buy a 65 inch TV get one that does HDR and ideally Dolby Vision so that you are future proof. A 40 inch TV for her bedroom that’s 4K without HDR is fine, but a 65 inch main TV without HDR is very poor planning

    In fact I would say if you haven’t bought a 4K TV and you can wait a year wait till next Christmas. You really want one that can do Dolby Vision and HDMI 2.1 so that you can take advantage of the many benefits it will bring. We are really at an intermediate stage right now with 4K TVs People who wait at least a year will be much better off and will be able to have a set that can last for several years to come versus buying now and then realizing you want more out of your home theater. Just do yourself a favor and do your research before buying to make sure you know what you’re getting into. Some of these HDR sets are real garbage and totally can’t perform. Tough time to be a consumer

  3. Adam says:

    Good info.

    My main TV is a 70′ 2015 Vizio M70-C3. Its been a truly great TV, and the 4k picture once I calibrated it has been, imo, flawless. But I always had that niggle in the back of my head that I missed out on HDR by one year.

    Good to see that I actually got in at a good time. I waited with 4k, and was rewarded by not having a bleeding edge TV with soon to be outdated HDCP (those poor, poor bastards…). Your post gives me some comfort, thank you.

    • Adam says:

      And yes, if you’re going to ask, my TV is 70 feet across… Sure, it looks like 70 inches in my living room, but that’s just a typo, it’s really 70 feet.

  4. Thomas says:

    I can’t echo loud enough what Mark B has said, DO NOT BUY A 4K TV WITHOUT HDR!!

  5. shwru980r says:

    I would really like to buy this TV, if it didn’t have such bad reviews. 30% of the reviews for this TV are 1 or 2 stars and most of those reviews are because of hardware failure. I seriously doubt a third party seller on Amazon could stay in business with this type of feedback.

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