Amazon’s 3 new Primetime Comedy Pilots are now live


Amazon’s latest pilot season is now available for your viewing pleasure and critic. There are three pilots you can watch for free and optionally give Amazon feedback on to help them decide if the shows should be greenlit for a full season. The first is Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which stars Jean-Claude Van Damme in his first TV role. The martial arts movie icon plays a character not much unlike himself, a global martial arts and film sensation, but the character is also the most dangerous undercover private contractor in the world. Second is I Love Dick, which is a romantic comedy staring Kevin Bacon and Kathryn Hahn. Last is The Tick, which is a rebirth of the short lived 2001 TV series, that involves much of the same talent behind the scenes as the original show. What is different, however, this time around, are the people in front of the camera. Amazon’s version of The Tick stars Peter Serafinowicz and Griffin Newman. If you do watch these pilots, I’d love to hear what you think of them in the comments below.

  1. Christopher Loughrey says:

    They produce far too much comedy. They need to add more variety as not all of us like comedy

    • Joe D says:

      They’ve only had 2 good comedies and one of them (Alpha House) has apparently been cancelled. The other one is the one with the kid working at the country club.

      • Mark says:

        Alpha House was just ‘ok’, I thought. John Goodman was the draw. He can only carry a show just so far with his name, though.

      • jimberkas says:

        Red Oaks! That one surprised the hell out of me. Looked pretty lame, but I’m totally hooked now!

  2. Adam says:

    This Tick is no Patrick Warburton, (but really, who else but the legend himself ever could be…) That said, I like what they’re doing with the show, more so than I did the last live action attempt, despite all the notes that it hit perfectly. The new costume is too much of a distraction (but yay, a mask!). I’ll be tuning in for a season if it gets picked up.

    Points off for not being UHD tho’. Amazon, if you’re listening, you know your device advertises 4k capability as a selling point, right? So why are you allowing Netflix to steal your girlfriend with 4k programming choices?

  3. Mark says:

    Jean-Claude Van Johnson is f’ing BRILLIANT!

    I love Dick (try to get Alexa to show you the show using those 3 words!) and The Tick…meh at best. Jean-Claude Van Johnson is REALLY awesome, though. Thoroughly enjoyed watching it and hope it gets picked up!

    The only (minor) complaint I have is I would like for the audio to be recorded a bit louder. Had to crank the Denon. But absolutely movie-like in the production! Just an outstanding pilot, one of, if not thee best, pilots I have seen.

  4. Masterblaster says:

    To me I personally loved “betas” but Amazon killed it off. It was funny and it has good acting for a comedy. Plus it’s better than “Silicon Valley” from HBO in my opinion.

  5. HeyRadar says:

    JCVJ was OK and I’d watch out IF they’d remove the unnecessary language and nudity. Hard do recommend the show to others that way.

    Once the Tick showed up it got better. Though not as funny as it should be.

  6. jimberkas says:

    i was planning on boycotting the Tick just because nobody could possibly replace Patrick Warburton, but I do love Peter Serafinowicz so I’ll probably give it a try when I get some free time.

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