Amazon’s 2nd Prime Day-like sale will be October 10-11 — Fire TV deals seem mediocre

Amazon has announced the dates of its 2nd Prime Day of the year. The “Prime Big Deal Days” sales event, as it’s being called, will occur from October 10th through the 11th, but you can probably expect some items, like Amazon devices, to go on sale earlier than that. As for Fire TV deals, specifically, it seems like the discounts will be pretty mediocre.

The email I received from Amazon states that customers will save “up to 40% on select Fire TV devices.” During the main Prime Day in July, all Fire TV Stick models were discounted between 50% and 58%. The Fire TV Cube was discounted by 21%, which was it’s new lowest price ever. If no Fire TV Stick is reduced by more than 40%, you might be better off waiting for Black Friday if you want a better deal.

As always, I’ll be covering all the Fire TV deals as they go live and letting you know exactly how they compare to past deals. There should be a pair of new Fire TV Sticks in the lineup by the time the sales event arrives. It’s very rare for Amazon to discount a new Fire TV model within weeks of it being announced, but you might be able to get those new devices at a discount without having to wait too long.

  1. Craig S. says:

    Waiting for Fire TV built-in Echo Soundbar…mostly because it’s common-freaking-sense! They sell the Echo speakers for the satellites and they the Echo Sub! All they need is the bar! …and AirPlay 2.

    • tech3475 says:

      What you really mean is that you want 5.1 support and Airplay 2.

      2.1 Fire sound bars do exist, such as the TCL one.

      AP2 I can only see happening through a third party app.

      That said, personally, I’d rather have any Fire and sound system separate due to the potential life span being reduce by the Fire side of things.

      • Craig S. says:

        The Fire TV soundbars are discontinued and they were made by partners…not Amazon themselves…which would change things in the support department. I’m not opposed to buying a new Fire TV soundbar for faster Fire TV hardware, every few years, as long as the price is $249 or less…and I want AirPlay 2 across the board! Every device they ship!

    • Eric says:

      I don’t see any reason to buy a sound bar (which doesn’t get updated frequently) with a built-in Fire TV (which does get updated frequently). You’d have to replace both to upgrade your Fire TV when a new one comes out.

  2. Gareth Price says:

    I want a Fire TV Cube, same specs as current one, but without all the Alexa gubbins, for less than $90\£90 but suspect Hell will freeze over before we get that

    • tech3475 says:

      Closest I suspect you’ll get is an upgraded Fire Stick Max with an optional USB Ethernet adapter.

      Either that or the Cube gets discounted and you have to disable the Alexa functionality.

      • JFC says:

        You can turn off the Alexa features on the Cube, if memory serves…

        I’ve done that in the past, because my Cube’s Alexa was interfering/overlapping with a separate Echo Dot I already had in the same room that I used as my main Alexa voice device.

        So essentially, you’re de-Alexa-fying the Cube, all within settings changes.

        • Gareth Price says:

          Thanks for the reply JFC, and I suspect you are right. It’s more a case of not wanting to pay for something that I won’t use, but preferring to have a box, with internal ethernet connection/external usb support etc, rather than a dingly dangly with ethernet adaptor attached. I have an a Echo Plus put away in a cupboard, which I stopped using when realised I was paying for Amazon Music and 90% of the time was listening to my own music collection on CD/LP, and never used it’s other functions. Still using a Gen One Fire Box with no problems, and a Gen Two stick for Apple TV+ (box can’t cope with that)

          • JFC says:

            “90% of the time was listening to my own music collection on CD/LP, and never used it’s other functions.”

            One really great Alexa-based feature is the “My Media for Amazon Alexa” service, which allows you to verbally request and play via Alexa any songs, albums, artists etc. from music files stored on your own PC or other network attached storage.

            I use it daily, and it’s the best $5.50 per year expenditure that anyone with a large collection of digital music files stored at home could possibly ever make.


          • Gareth Price says:

            Have played around with Plex in the past, and have Splashtop on my Mac, but with around 1500 CD/LPs, and a Hi Fi system based around Cambridge Audio Amp and CD player/B and W speakers, I’ll stick with being ‘old school’ (old fart some might say lol) The Mac has 5TB of external storage attached but that is for personal videos taken with my bridge camera (mainly rail related)

    • Eric says:

      This is the dream for me as well. My sound bars already have Alexa and having it in the Cube is redundant.

  3. Anthony Rossetti says:

    F Amazon I am never ordering anything from these shady F’s ever again
    their CS has gone to complete S now.

    It’s just as bad as Google now.

    I returned a fire max 11 tablet bundle 2 months ago and they are refusing to refund my money now.
    I spoke with 8 different CS agents and they all tell me to contact the shipping carrier, I already conected them (UPS) and they told me they delivered my package 2 months ago.

    The unbelivable part is that Amazon admits that the package was delivered to them but is now refusing to issue my refund becaue they say it was never scanned in their return system at the fulfilment center.
    I spoke to 8 different CS agents and supervisors and none of can speak
    a lick legible English and they all have told me I am just SOL and not getting my money back, that the system does not provide any other options.

    Amazon CS had taken a nose dive and so has their service
    I just canceled my prime, I have 2 items I ordered 12 days ago and still have no delivery date for.
    So much for 2 day shipping, the product page says 3 expidited shipping now
    but they refuse to evne offer me a courtsey credit for breach of prime 2 day shiping.

    I am not cancelling my order either becaue Amazon will probaablby not even refund my money they are so shady now,

    CS refuses to do anyhting Amazon gives 0 F’s anymore they are actiing just like Google and all their CS agents are, it’s like speaking to bots reading from a script and you get nowhere, just like Google.

    What do they expect UPS to do for me when they already delivered the package?
    I can’t even put in an insurace claim with USP because it was pre paid shipping by Amazon so only they are insured for the package and not me.
    I am just out the money now, I can’t belive just how shady Amazon is and how F’d up this is.

    they also never applied my 20% device trade in for the tablet
    I order the 128gb by mistake and they said to oder the one I want and that they would isse me the 20% once the return was complete for the first tablet and I had recieve the new one 64gb version.
    Now the retun will never be coplete because it has been saying pending for 2 months now
    and they told me since it has been over 60 days there is nothing they can do now but I have called about 3 times before and they told me the return was still processing and that I needed to wait till it was finished being processed.

    I not only didnlt get the 20% for my device trade in but got got charged for items I returned on top of it too.

    I will never order anything from Amazon again.

  4. Chris says:

    Wondering if there will be any of those $100 55 inch Fire Tv deals

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