Amazon’s 2nd-gen Fire TV Game Controller and Remote are not compatible with Fire TV Edition televisions

I would love to be wrong about this, but it appears as though Amazon’s 2nd generation Fire TV Game Controller and 2nd generation Fire TV Voice Remote are not compatible with Element’s Fire TV Edition televisions. Nothing I tried could get them to pair with the TV. It’s not too big of an issue that the voice remote doesn’t work, as long as you don’t lose the one that comes with the TV, since Amazon does not yet sell replacements. The bigger issue is the Fire TV Game Controller, since that is the only official game controller that Amazon makes anymore.

The reason these peripherals don’t par with the TV is likely because they are WiFi-direct based remotes and game controllers. The Alexa voice remote that comes with the TV uses Bluetooth to communicate, just like the 1st generation Fire TV peripherals.

Speaking of the 1st generation peripherals, I was able to successfully pair all of them with the Fire TV Edition television. That includes the Fire Game Controller, old Fire TV Voice Remote, and the Fire TV Stick Non-Voice Remote. The only issue I found is that microphone input for Alexa commands and voice searches through the 1st-gen voice remote does not work. When you press the microphone button, the TV responds as it should, but your voice is not transmitted to the TV, so all Alexa commands and searches fail.

Not having a readily purchasable official game controller that works with the Fire TV Edition televisions is a shame, especially since I think the 2nd-gen game controller is a great product. Hopefully this is just a launch bug or an oversight that will be fixed with a future software update. Amazon did add support for the new WiFi-direct peripherals to the older 1st generation Fire TV and Fire TV Stick when the new peripherals were released with the 2nd-gen Fire TV, so it seems like it should be possible to do the same for the Fire TV Edition televisions. In the meantime, at least the Fire TV Edition televisions are compatible with plenty of high-quality 3rd-party Bluetooth game controllers, like the PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

  1. Neogeo71 says:

    So disappointed! I was set to buy the 65 inch when it came back in stock! I use the 2nd gen game controller heavily for the headphone feature at night while wife and kids sleep. Did we confirm the new tv’s have no wifi direct capability? I’m broken! I wanted this set and this is a deal breaker for me! The wifi direct controller is flawless. I had so many sync issues with Bluetooth headphones before I got the gen 2 game controller.

    • AFTVnews says:

      It’s definitely a bummer. I’m hopeful it gets corrected with an update soon. It pretty much means I need to keep a Fire TV 2 connected to my Fire TV Edition television for gaming purposes, which is bonkers.

  2. Brian says:

    They could still enable them through an update, right? Or there a specific piece of hardware needed other than wifi?

    • AFTVnews says:

      I don’t know for sure if there is a hardware reason why they can’t add support, but I assume there is not. The Fire TV 1 was released 1.5 years before the WiFi-direct game controller was released, and they were able to add support later, so there’s hope.

  3. Max says:

    I thought amazon switched back to bluetooth? Maybe I hallucinated it…

    • AFTVnews says:

      The switch back to Bluetooth has essentially happened with these new Fire TV Edition televisions. The Fire TV 1 and Fire TV Stick 1 shipped with Bluetooth remote/controller. Then the Fire TV 2 was introduced with a new WiFi-direct remote/controller, which was also packaged with the Fire TV Stick 1 as a voice remote bundle. Then the Fire TV Stick 2 was released with the same WiFi-direct remote. Now the Fire TV Edition television uses a Bluetooth remote.

      We’ll have to wait and see what the next generation device(s), which we’re expecting to be released this Oct/Nov, will have.

  4. Neogeo71 says:

    As much as I love the OTA features of this TV and feel Amazon truly nailed the UI for blending both along with other media inputs, I will hold off and see if functionality will be returned. I use the headphone input on the game controller several times a week and wont give it up. Guess I will be holding on to my 50 inch samsung plasma a bit longer than anticipated….

  5. Ray says:

    Have you tried pairing the edition remote with a fire tv box? I’m hoping I’ll be able to pick up a replacement remote one day to control playbar volume. Side kick works, but would rather have volume controls on the remote

    • Matt says:

      I used a harmony remote control to bypass the need for a sideclick. These element TV’s also have IR receivers as well so they work with traditional remotes as well. We don’t even use the included remote that much anymore. I have a harmony 650 and it works flawlessly with my sound bar and tv.

  6. Brandon Lemley says:

    I’ve been looking for inexpensive third party controllers for a fire tv edition. I purchased a Matricon G-Pad BX controller (under $20). I was able to pair it. It works fine for everything except games.

    Any advice? Or alternative controllers that are affordable?

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