Amazon working on tablet-like device with hands free Alexa capabilities


Amazon’s next Alexa-enabled device may resemble a tablet, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Lab 126, Amazon’s hardware division, is reportedly working on “an Alexa-powered device featuring a tablet-like computer screen.” The new device is known internally as “Knight” and it allows users to pull up web pages, videos, and images without the use of their hands, so presumably, it will have always listening microphones like the Amazon Echo. Such a device would be useful in the kitchen where one’s hands are regularly preoccupied, yet there’s often the need to interact with a screen.

Dave Zatz and I have been trying to uncover more information on a new Amazon tablet that we caught wind of last week. I found reason to be believe the new tablet was just a minor refresh of the existing Fire HD 10, but it might be that Amazon is repurposing the Fire HD 10 as the foundation for this new Alexa tablet to speed up production. That certainly would explain the similarities between the new and existing devices.


6/2/2016 It appears my hunch about the new tablet being a revised Fire HD 10 was right. Amazon just revealed a new aluminum body Fire HD 10.

  1. tech3475 says:

    I’m surprised they don’t just release a software update to existing tablets, could be used as a way to boost sales of those especially if they are made close to/no profit.

    A rumor is that Siri is suppose to be a more prominent feature in ios 10, so it could also be used to counter that, if it’s true.

    • clocks says:

      Do existing tablets have the necessary always on mic hardware?

      Google just announced an Echo type device.

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