Amazon working on Single Sign-On for cable network app activation on the Fire TV

During my digging through the guts of the latest software update for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, I’ve found indication that Amazon is working to add a single sign-on option to their devices. Single sign-on, a feature first available on the Apple TV last year, allows those with cable subscriptions to login once with their credentials, and then have the operating system handle activating individual cable network apps. This prevents the need for activation codes in every individual streaming app that must be manually entered into activation web pages.

Added with the latest Fire TV software update are new “OttSso” libraries that did not exist on any previous software version. Those Over-the-top Single-sign-on libraries are used to facilitate app activation by the operating system on behalf of the user. I could not find a front-end interface for users to use to login with their service provider, so it seems like this feature is still a long way from being released.

A single sign-on option will require cooperation from several service providers and content networks to be useful. What has been added in the latest software update seems more like a developer preview than anything else. It is likely the backend framework so that networks can begin adding support for the feature into their apps, so that the apps are ready when the feature is launched.

  1. Richard says:

    Of course the problem is that each network has their own whims as to whether you are allowed access to their app. Are you an xfinity customer and want to watch Vikings vod on the History app? You’re out of luck. But if you are a DIRECTV customer you CAN log in.

    And there’s numerous examples like this. I have DIRECTVNow (which still offers limited access to apps, but is getting better) and xfinity, but for several apps I “borrow” my brothers directv login. I don’t feel too bad about this because I DO pay for these channels… it’s just that they don’t want me to use their apps for some reason.

    I welcome this new, universal login, but I hope it will still allow for individual app logins.

  2. Y314K says:

    Android phones & tablets have just about always done this for Email & Google account’s access regardless of which app one chooses to use for access. So it’s about time this is brought to the streaming apps side of things. Really welcomed feature.

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