Amazon wins three Academy Awards for ‘Manchester by the Sea’ and ‘The Salesman’

Last night were the 89th Academy Awards where two Amazon’s original movies were nominated for seven awards. Manchester by the Sea picked up two Oscars, one by Casey Affleck for Best Actor and one for best original screenplay. Amazon’s other nominated original movie, The Salesman, won for best foreign language film.

  1. Ichijoe says:

    Yawn… Who cares about this lefty love fest? The film’s that deserve real recognition like Rouge One, or Captain America: Civil War. Will never get a look in. Honestly I have no interest an any of those Films.

    • Tony Ramirez says:

      I agree. I don’t even watch the Oscars anymore as every film nominated I never heard of before except for Manchester by the sea but even that did not gross a fraction of Captain America or Rouge one.

  2. JohnnyL says:

    Best Picture Nominees:

    Manchester by the Sea – Snoozefest. Maybe it takes a lot of talent to portray a whiney mope but I honestly thought that was Casey Afleck’s real personality anyway. We saw this for free as a neighbor is actually a member of SAG and receives copies in order to vote for the SAG awards

    Moonlight – Not really interested in the plight of gay black drug dealers so never saw

    Arrival – I had high hopes for this to be a very literate science fiction movie but again, another snoozefest. I would not have paid theater prices to see this dreck but did see via a $0.99 sale on google play. I wasted the money.

    Lala Land – Wife saw and liked it but I’m not the biggest musical fan.

    Hidden Figures – Great movie. Well acted and written.

    Lion – Good movie. Anyone could have played the Nicole Kidman character. Not sure why she got nominated but I really enjoyed the story.

    Fences – Powerful. Strongly acted. Very literate. Lots of fast dialogue. This could have very easily won best picture but Moonlight sneaked by as a social justice 2-fer. Black and Gay themes.

    Hell or High Water – Great movie. Well written and acted. Gotta love Jeff Bridges. Worth the money at the theater.

    Hacksaw Ridge – Another great movie. Mel Gibson should have got best director at least. Simply a powerful, emotionally gut wrenching movie.

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