Amazon will reportedly release a portable version of the Echo in coming weeks

Amazon is primed to release a battery powered version of their popular Echo speaker with Alexa voice assistant, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new device is expected to be the size of a soda can and will likely arrive “in the coming weeks.” Unlike the larger Echo, the smaller version, codenamed Fox, will not have an always listening array of microphones, due to its portable nature and the need to preserve battery life. Instead, you’ll activate Alexa by pressing a physical button on the device, similar to the optional button on top of the Echo. The new device will dock to a charging station, so perhaps the microphones will be put into an always listening mode while docked.

With Alexa being a huge success for Amazon, made obvious by its appearance in several new CES products and by the Amazon Echo being the best selling product above $100 on Amazon this past holiday season, it’s no surprise Amazon wants to include it in additional products.

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  1. RgnKjnVA says:

    Perhaps the Alexa mobile app will push voice requests to Fox?

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