Amazon will reportedly announce their new free ad-supported video service for Fire TVs this week

Rumors of a new free ad-supported video service from Amazon have literally been around for years, but it seems like something may actually be announced this week. According to CNBC, Amazon subsidiary IMDb is expected to announce the new service within the next few days. The service is said to be specifically for Amazon Fire TV users.

The new video service is said to be similar to The Roku Channel, which, incidentally, is now accessible through Fire TV devices. Amazon is said to be in talks with three major media companies to bring past TV shows and movies to the new service. Amazon already runs occasional pre-roll ads before certain content on Fire TV devices, but this new service will also be able to run ads as commercial breaks within programming.

The new video service is said to be added in addition to Prime Video and Amazon Channels, so you’re not going to start seeing more ads in the Amazon content you’re already watching. The new video service is also said to have “an embedded video player” which can be wrapped in ads, but it’s unclear if that has anything to do with Fire TV devices or if it’s something meant to be used on websites.

The new IMDB-branded is said to be announced during Advertising Week, which is marketing event that is currently going on in New York. That could mean that, while it may be announced this week, Fire TV users may not actually have access to the new free content for some time.

  1. Miki says:

    Guess this will be US only?

  2. Charlie says:

    Interesting …. maybe. I subscribe to HULU and would not if I had to watch ads on that tier.

    Unwilling to pay 120.00 plus taxes at my September Prime renewal, I went month to month, at least for now. If I’m able to discipline myself I can make up the cost by cancelling Prime for a month or two at some point during the year. Might be a big IF, though.

  3. Al says:

    While this has little to do with this rumor maybe Amazon could take a step back and address some of the frustrating critical limitations on their current products. Just recently purchased an Amazon 10 inch tablet and discovered that when using it in the family room where my Fire cube is there is an issue with the Alexa wake word interfering with the cube. No problem so I’ll just change the wake word on the tablet. Not possible even though Amazon help site states it can be done. While it is possible to change the wake word on the cube it is not possible to change the tablet. Called Amazon only to confirm yes it can’t be done!!

  4. mrvco says:

    ‘Free’… ‘Ad supported’… ‘wrapped in ads’… my brain hurts.

  5. shwru980r says:

    Might take a bite out of the third party “jailbroken” fire tv resellers. Certainly some people will cancel Prime and just use the free service, but Amazon might earn back some of the Prime fees through ad revenue.

  6. No Thanks says:

    Amazon needs to give us what we want: Roku Channel and Vudu. I’ll still buy my Prime membership every year. I don’t get this walled garden stuff. Even Apple is opening their eyes.

    • OG Charlie says:

      That’s not up to them. Roku Channel is only available on Roku/Web and Walmart would never release Vudu on Fire TV since they don’t support anything Amazon does.

      • nathan mudhall says:

        You CAN run Vudu on Amazon Fire TV box and fire TV 3. The Apk is available. I have used it for about a year. There is a newer APK available but I haven’t needed it.

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