Amazon will pay for Alexa Skill hosting with free $100 monthly credits

Amazon just started a new promotion for developers where they’ll pay up to $100 per month of AWS hosting for Alexa Skills. For the majority of skills, this would make publishing and hosting a skill on Amazon’s cloud servers completely free for the developer of the skill. Developers simply need to apply for the credit once and they’ll receive $100 of AWS credit once their skill is live. Then, if the skill’s hosting usage surpasses AWS’s free tier and uses up the initial $100, the developer will automatically receive an additional $100 AWS credit each month.

This new promotion essentially makes all but the most CPU and bandwidth intense skills completely free to host, since the majority of skills don’t require much as far as hosting resources are concerned. While most of the 10,000+ Alexa skills currently survive on the AWS free tier alone, this promotion should hopefully encourage developers to create more elaborate skills without worrying about hosting fees.

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