Amazon will be the first to stream HDR10+ content later this week

Amazon will be the first streaming service to support HDR10+ video when it begins streaming the new high dynamic range standard to Samsung TVs on Wednesday, reports Yonhap News. Around 100 TV shows and movies will be available in the new improved format, including The Grand Tour, The Tick, and The Man in the High Castle. HDR10+ improves on HDR10 by adding dynamic metadata that can be used to more accurately adjust brightness levels on a scene-by-scene or frame-by-frame basis. It’s the closest HDR standard to Dolby Vision, which many consider to produce the best image quality. However, unlike Dolby’s proprietary standard which requires a paid license, HDR10+ is an open standard for anyone to use royalty-free.

  1. xnamkcor says:

    HDR10+? Well, I’m glad I didn’t hurry to buy a TV with regular old HDR10. I guess I’ll just hold out for HDR12 or Super HDR16′ Turbo: Championship Edition.

    • Brian H. says:

      It can be added through updates, just buy a TV manufacturer thats good at supporting udates.

      • xnamkcor says:

        So, it’s still a crapshoot? My previous statement still stands.

      • Jon says:

        I have a 2015 Samsung 4K model that Xbox One X can’t even see as supporting HDR, yet FireTv3 and the internal app store are playing these HDR10+ videos beautifully. There was a Samsung update a little while back that added this suppport to a TV when it was sold didn’t even say it supported HDR.

  2. Mike says:

    I have a Samsung TV on the way, will the built in app be able to accommodate this?

  3. Jon says:

    I don’t know if HDR10+ will show in the bottom info bar, but I finished watching Grand Tour on Monday night and noticed it looked beautiful. I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but maybe they rolled it out early on that one because I’m pretty sure it didn’t look the same on Saturday night.

  4. Reflex says:

    I’d rather see the HLG version for streaming content. It was designed with broadcast in mind and specifically handles failing gracefully when signal quality is poor which is ideal for streaming devices, especially on WiFi or in the mobile space where available bandwidth fluctuates.

  5. Lenin D says:

    Its not only the TV that you need but also an internet service that is fast enough to download this huge files…. nowdays some ISP are putting datacaps at home …comcast for example where if you go over X GB you will pay extra…

    • Dave says:

      That’s why we have a free market. If you want an ISP without data caps, then as long as another ISP is available in your area, you have the freedom to make that switch. My experience has been that at least 2 to 4 ISPs are generally available in most urban settings. Just like cell phone companies, they are all equally evil.

      • Reflex says:

        You are fortunate. I am in an urban area and only two services are available. Both implement data caps unless you want to pay more than double for business class service.

        I do not know anyone who lives in an area with more than 2 ISP’s providing true broadband where there is at least one competitively priced option that has no data caps.

        Meanwhile a friend of mine in Portugal was explaining to me how expensive gigabit fiber is there. It was $53.

      • gaymer says:

        I thought you were being sarcastic for a second with the whole net neutrality stuff going on and my pay people having two choices, att and some cable provider.

  6. attereb says:

    I looked at my samsung smart TV yesterday and my amazon was updated on 12/11/17. so i’m guessing they already pushed it out. will check it out tonight or tomorrow.

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