Amazon Video expands HDR content to support Dolby Vision


Amazon and Dolby have announced that Amazon Video will now support the high dynamic range (HDR) format Dolby Vision. When Amazon became the first streaming service to offer HDR, it adopted the HDR10 standard. Amazon’s HDR support is now expanding to cover both popular formats. Amazon’s original series Bosch, as well as several movies from Sony Picture including Men in Black 3, Salt, Elysium, Fury, and The Smurfs 2 will be the first titles available in the new HDR format. The only TVs to support Amazon Video’s new HDR format are LG’s Super UHD and OLED sets, as well as Vizio’s Reference Series, M-Series, and P-Series TVs.

  1. Nate says:

    Effective right now? When does dolby vision go live for everyone?

  2. Adam says:

    One quibble Elias, that’s Vizio’s /2016/ Reference Series, M-Series, and P-Series TVs.

    I know because I have an otherwise absolutely glorious Vizio M70-C3 from 2015. No HDR love for us.

    I wasn’t HDR capability in my set since the only things that were going to be offering HDR content for the foreseeable future were certain Blu-Ray players, and I wasn’t going to get one of those. My anticipated upgrade path over the next several years is either a newer model Amazon Fire (assuming it can run Kodi/SPMC) or an NVidia Shield (if Vizio ever releases a DD+ capable 5.1 soundbar) So I figured I was safe from tech-envy for a few years at least.

    But alas, suddenly my tv’s formally exquisite 4k picture inexplicably looks drab and dreary…

    Thanks Amazon.

  3. Bob B. says:

    I have a new Vizio P-Series that supports Dolby Vision and this new content from Amazon is exciting but I have no way to view it! Amazon doesn’t work with the built-in Google Cast and there aren’t any streaming players that do Dolby Vision yet so I can’t benefit from it. Come on Amazon and make up with Google already! Give me some Google Cast support!!!

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