Amazon turned the Fire TV Cube into a Desktop PC for businesses

Amazon has announced that it is now offering the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube as a virtual thin client desktop PC to enterprise/business customers. The $195 device uses the exact same hardware as the streaming TV version, but runs a new software stack that allows it to connect to virtual desktop environments, like Amazon WorkSpaces offered by AWS. The device’s USB-A port can be used to connect common PC peripherals, like keyboards, mice, and webcams. It’s also being offered with a hub that allows for the connection of a second monitor, although it would have been much more impressive to repurpose the device’s unused HDMI-In port as a second HDMI-Out port. By repurposing the existing Fire TV Cube hardware, Amazon says it was able to keep costs down.

  1. Craig S. says:

    So… Vega Linux, Elias?

  2. mike says:

    they can’t get the resident stuff working…what business would want this in their environment…OMG…unbelievable..ughghgh…

    They cancelled IFTTT, and now i cant get my todo list to my email.

    They can’t send alexa calendar events to google calendar.

    There is so many things wrong with alexa…fix what you got before trying to do more!

  3. Nicolas Williams says:

    I’m not surprised by this, i’ve use my firestick for word processing (like writing c.v’s and stuff using wps office)and general web browsing as well as video editing with wired keyboard and mouse connected.

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