Amazon to stop paying Alexa Skill developers

Back when Alexa was the hottest tech coming out of Amazon, there was a large push to get developers onboard to make Alexa Skills, which served as apps for the voice assistant. Part of that push was the launch of the Alexa Developer Rewards Program in 2017 which directly paid developers of popular Alexa Skills. That rewards programming is now coming to an end at the end of June, as reported by Engadget. With over 160,000 skills available, Amazon says “these older programs have simply run their course.” Developers will now have to resort to accepting in-skill payments directly from their users to earn income from a free Alexa Skill.

  1. Al says:

    Sounds like the end of Alexa, as we know it. I am sure the Developers will be charging big fees.

    • Francesco says:

      Depends; if it’s a skill that is value-added to support a fairly expensive product – think a connected car or smart home ecosystem – it’s likely in the brand’s better interests to keep offering the skills for free.

    • Nate says:

      Nonsense! The logical entity to pay for skill creation is the creator of the automation product to be driven by Alexa. Up until now, Amazon has primed the pump for all these automation product developers to make it cheap and easy to get on the band wagon. Now it is time for those who profit from the manufacture of these products to absorb the cost of creating the skill which connects them to Alexa’s control. This is the standard and conventional pattern in the development of products sold as a service. When properly executed, this stage in the maturity of product/service development traditionally drives the cost to consumers down, not up.

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