Amazon to reveal new hardware devices on September 20th — Expect new Fire TVs, Echos, and more

Amazon usually has a big hardware announcement event in September and this year is going to be no different. David Limp, Amazon’s head of devices and services, has announced that this year’s device announcement event will be on September 20th. I can’t recall the exact date ever being revealed this early in the year, so read into that as you may.

The Amazon event last year was held on September 28th and included a slew of Fire TV reveals, including the announcement of the 3rd-gen Fire TV Cube, the Fire TV Pro Remote, the Fire TV Omni QLED Smart TV, and that the Echo Show 15 was getting the Fire TV interface. There were also new Echo and Kindle devices, as well as announcements for the now defunct Halo fitness line of devices, and more.

Nothing has leaked yet regarding announcements for this year’s event, but I’m expecting we’ll see a new Fire TV Stick 4K or some form of budget 4K streaming device. The current Fire TV Stick 4K is the oldest model in the Fire TV lineup and has show hints of being replaced soon. The other most likely new Fire TV reveal is an update to the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick Lite. Those were released in 2020 and could be updated this year, but the previous generation Fire TV Stick stuck around for 4 years so there’s certainly precedent to wait another year.

  1. Roy says:

    Probably a reach, but would love to see an ATSC 3.0 Recast or FTV Guide integration with another Next Gen TV OTA device.

  2. clocks says:

    Hopefully a stick/box with the powerful CPU, but no built-in Alexa. So lower price than the gen 3 cube.

  3. Gabriel Leontine says:

    I was thinking about buying a new 4K Stick, but I think I’ll hold back a little longer and wait until Black Friday to see the new possible hardware from Amazon. I hope FireOS 8 is released for Fire TV and finally they will bring AirPlay 2 support!

  4. hdmkv says:

    Hoping Amazon finally includes 16GB of storage in Fire ‘stick’ form devices.

  5. Tj says:

    Would like an Amazon FireTV Omni QLED TV with 1,000 nits just in time for Black Friday sales.

  6. Matt C says:

    Fingers crossed for new Recast

  7. Jj says:

    I honestly would like to be able to purchase a 8k enabled ultra heavily loaded hardware specification and port laden and wirelessly hdmi heavily optimized and refined Amazon Fire TV from a newly established Amazon 8k family of fire television sets and that the first generational family of such 8k Amazon Fire TV sets have two directly and officially certified and endorsed special collectors editions of spiderman and star wars of each of the than newly established family of 8k televisions with built-in exceptionally durable glare and reflection free touchscreen panels because no mainstream corporate smart TV brand has ever dared yet to include a touchscreen panel so Amazon would by doing so essentially raise the bar very innovatively might I add regarding accessibility features and new Innovative feature implementation in such a way that you know damn well Apple would be looking for some way to clone, copy it and reverse engineer it for their own operating systems and ecosystem alike and then they would try to provide some mass-market it as the most original and greatest thing that no one’s ever done before them but you all know it would be complete hogwash and a lie and therefore get them eventually in trouble with the ACC and get them sued for intellectual property infringement as well as mass marketed fraudulent advertising and boy I would be one of the people sitting back laughing and kind of pointing the finger at Apple forever trying because you know this is a company arrival company to Amazon that would have enough balls to try do exactly what I’m describing like I think I remember times when LG and Samsung did something really ground breaking the Innovative but unfortunately it wasn’t until Apple started mass marketing the same technology under a different pathogen name that everybody went crazy through the world Mass adopting such a sad technology! Just like I feel like Amazon should try to launch yet again a complete line of mobile devices in the space of like fire tablets that are designed to utilize every mobile mobile carrier Network in the world along with smartphones and truly mobile network connectable SmartWatches with the the exception of the OS being ad bloated like the original fire phone which is most likely why a lot of people ran like hell from the Fire Phone because of all that adware was causing Amazon’s maiden voyage attempt of a smartphone to crash and just completely shut down as a miserable first experimental attempt to launch their own smartphone which essentially to quote NASA it turned out to be a epically massive Failure to Launch! If I were Amazon I would definitely try to very successfully execute a lot of researching the boat and a lot of optimizations and refinements both on the hardware and software ends towards not only fully resurrecting their DVR Hardware product line but offering different variations of it as well cuz we all know everybody in just about every country loves to have freedom of choice not just back here in the good old United States of America even though West United States Americans are blatantly well known for loving to be able to make a lot of choices as evidentially proven by our list of constitutional laws as well and not even plays its part in our consumer products and service consumption too it’s evidential in those Realms as well!

    If Amazon was to ever become truly serious about their Smartwatch line then there I say they should hire an R&D Department full of accomplished industry geniuses so that the hardware specifications in their smart watches more than easily outpaces and outs performs every other smartwatch because I don’t know about you all but I’m kind of sick and tired of the oversaturated triopoly of sorry, Bixby and Google Assistant I mean let’s face it Alexis a lot more capable and sophisticated when it comes to giving answers and I’m sorry but Google speakers have yet to be able to confidently verbally remind us of stuff we shouldn’t forget and they definitely need to make some serious competing offerings for smart earbuds as well I’ve actually grown to appreciate Alexa as someone with a disability it sure has helped me a bunch more than my Google Mini generation 1 speaker has honestly and I only ended up with a free Echo dot free speaker last Christmas due to Amazon’s direct offer for 3 to 6 months of free complimentary Amazon music unlimited access and by taking advantage of it I was gifted my first Amazon smart speaker device and I don’t think I’ll ever go back!

    I also strongly feel that Amazon could learn something from one plus regarding one plus is open ears forum because there’s still a decent amount of one plus corporate culture that listens to their user base and takes into account with a user’s need and want to be able to access and make good use of on a daily basis I especially feel that if Amazon created their own rival platform to the open ears for them that one plus so globally famous for that I certainly believe it would dramatically improve the Luna platform Lord knows I’m very vocal on a weekly basis to Amazon Luna Phone Base customer support as well as the general Phone Based Amazon customer support!

    • Freemz says:

      LG makes touchscreen TVs, have done for years, problem is they’re not widely available, are expensive and mostly sold to corporates.

      Not to mention, each app on the app store would have to be redesigned to cater for touch control, then theirs external equipment, tv sticks, tv boxes, game consoles, they all will have to create a touch UI, a lot of work for a limited selling screen.

    • jason says:

      I can’t read that all. Would be good if you paragraphed it and added sentences.

  8. Jj says:

    I meant to say that you all damn well know that if apple demonstrated the very audacity and technologically blasphemous balls to try to steal clone and reverse engineer such smart TV technology after Amazon if Amazon would and I really hope that they do take a industry bar raising and innovative smart TV panel implementing step that would also definitely widen the spectrum and raise the bar regarding smart TV accessibility features than you all know very damn well that apple would be the first global Goliath of a technology company in line to try to pirate the technology from Amazon with the direct intentions of cloning the technology and than reverse engineering the smart TV touchscreen technology to be able to patent, apply a industry wide protectively restrictive trademark also in order to not only fully optimize the smart TV touchscreen panels to be fully compatible and compliant with thier myriad of different osx inspired operating systems and preexisting ecosystem but I know from past historical life experiences that they would definitely be overwhelmingly incredibly and arrogantly brazen eyes to globally Mass Market the technology as the latest greatest thing that’s truly historically never been done before Apple did it and then you all damn well know what would happen eventually they being Apple would end up in many different courtrooms in the world that concern themselves with intellectual property and patent violation as well as math false advertising I mean just look how the European Union’s courts have been responding to Applebee’s last several or so years you know damn well Apple’s not happy that they have to likely allow different app stores to work on their phones as well as removable batteries and USB type-c connections for all of their products that end up in the geographical space governed by the European Union and you know damn well if Tim Cook is still the CEO by the time that new hardware devices actually have to roll out into the the parts of Europe that the European Union totally governs that you know damn well that Tim Cook is going to find the way along with his fellow board members to try to circumvent that somehow eventually or at worse get all their lawyers to take on European Union but we know how that’s historically ended already people when big technology start openly yet arrogantly like thier eternally more important and superior than our lord and savior Jesus christ himself as though they firmly yet unapologetically perceive themselves as being infinitely above the legal systems they currently have user bases in because two things are and always be true regarding all industries and especially the technology industry that “the bigger they are, the harder they fall and” what goes up must eventually come down!
    Lastly what goes around comes around.

  9. Seth says:

    I’d like to see the promised Matter TV (casting), since it’d be a good alternative to the lack of storage and some heavy apps poorly designed do Fire OS

    • Gabriel Leontine says:

      this is sorely missed, Roku has AirPlay 2 and Chromecast with Google TV has Google Cast, Fire TV Stick has nothing similar.

      • c says:

        Yes, Chromecast (likely Google propriety) or something exactly the same, the real Airplay2, not the current knockoffs that don’t work for all casting things.

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