Amazon to rename premium TV network EPIX to MGM+ next year

EPIX has announced that it will be renamed to MGM+ in January 2023. When Amazon acquired MGM studios earlier this year, it also got the premium cable TV network EPIX with the deal. If you thought all of MGM’s movies and TV shows would be merged into Prime Video, the impending relaunch of EPIX and MGM+ is pretty compelling evidence that won’t be happening anytime soon. In addition to the new name, MGM+ also announced four new original series coming to the service next year. The newly greenlit shows include “Hotel Cocaine,” an eight-episode drama; the second season of “Belgravia;” a two-part docuseries tentatively called “San Francisco Sounds;” and an untitled four-part docuseries about the Amityville murders.

  1. EJ+ says:

    Unnecessary name change. They shortened the lengthy AVOD I-M-D-B to the dulcet-toned Freevee. Why lengthen eP-iX (or is it ee-pics) to M-G-M-plus?

  2. Tj says:

    You mean to tell me everyone has to put a ‘+’ at the end of everything now? Thanks, Disney..

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