Amazon to refund $70 million in unauthorized in-app purchases

Amazon and the FTC have settled a suit accusing Amazon of not acquiring parental authorization for in-app purchases by children between November 2011 and May 2016. Similar suits with Google and Apple have already been settled and now it’s Amazon’s turn. Refunds totalling $70 million have already begun being issued. If you’re entitled to a refund, you should have already received an email with details. You can also visit Amazon’s dedicated refund page to see if you’re entitled for a refund.

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  1. Keith says:

    Biggest complaint about fire TV. I have to set a parental code which means every time I need to go to manage apps I need to enter it. That sounds like not a huge deal but instead of doing something logical like store the pin on the box it needs to connect to an Amazon server. For whatever reason this process can be instant or take up to 5 mins!
    On the positive side, Amazon has always given me a refund for accidental purchases but then that’s more time out of my day contacting them.
    BTW–70 million is a joke. It’s a tiny drop in the bucket. I’ll bet they make that in no time with kids clicking stuff and parents not paying attention to the CC Bill.
    OK my rant is done.

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