Amazon to increase Music Unlimited subscription price next month in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Japan

Amazon has revealed that the price of its Music Unlimited subscription will be increasing. US customers who pay $9.99/month with start paying $10.99/month in February. Students on the discounted plan will now pay $5.99/month instead of $4.99/month. There’s no mention of the annual $89.99/year plan increasing, so signing up for that seems to be a good way to dodge the price increase, at least for the next year. The slightly cheaper price that Prime members pay already increased a few months ago, so that’s not changing again. The new prices go into effect on February 21.

The price increases aren’t limited to the US. Customers in the UK will go from paying £9.99/month to £10.99/month and students in the UK will go from paying £4.99/month to £5.99/month. German customers paying €9,99/month will see an increase to €10,99/month for the individual plan and go from €14,99/month to €16,99/month for the family plan. The student price in Germany is also increasing from €4,99/month to €5,99/month. Canada is seeing only the individual plan increase from $4.99/month to $5.99/month. Lastly, Japan will see prices for the individual, family, and student plans increase from ¥980, ¥1480, and ¥480 per month to ¥1080, ¥1680, and ¥580 per month, respectively. Oddly, Japan seems to be the only place where the annual plan is also increasing, from ¥14800 to ¥16800 per year. Customers in other regions, like Brazil, Mexico, Australia, and Italy had a price increase in November, so their prices are also remaining the same this time around.

  1. Greg Linden says:

    The thing with Amazon Music Unlimited is that if you like Dolby Atmos music. You only can listen to it through Alexa Speaker set up. Or through Dolby Atmos ear Buds or Headphones. But Not through the Amazon Unlimited music app on your Firestick Max or Cube 3. Through your TV, sound bar and home theater receiver systems. But you can get the Tidal App from the Amazon Fire Max and cube 3 homepage under find and you can get Dolby Atmos Music No Problems

    • Brad says:

      I am streaming Amazon music atmos music right now to my home theater system through the fire cube gen 3. It took a bit to get all the settings correct, and some setting have to be set from my phones Amazon music app to make it work. But it works.

      • Greg says:

        Is it in 2.1.2 or 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 through your Receiver my receiver is 5.2.2 set up.

      • Stuart says:

        Brad send us details m8.

        • Brad says:

          What kinda details do you want?

        • Brad says:

          Phone amazon music app>settings>enable Dolby atmos/spatial audio

          After you have set that on your phone app a new settings tab will appear in the Amazon music app on the cube.

          Fire cube>Amazon music app>settings(person icon right corner next to search)>enable spatial audio.

          Next check the fire cube master settings on Home Screen of cube>display and sounds>surround sound>best available

          Now after I did all this it still wouldn’t play atmos, kept converting it to a 2 channel. Unplugged the cube for like an hour and came back tried playing atmos music again and it worked.
          Hope these are the details you were asking for.

  2. Red says:

    And Smile going away
    Less & less use for you AMZ

  3. Nate says:

    This, and the alleged de-emphasis on the further development of Alexa services and products, is beginning to look like a huge mistake.
    I understood, based on the economy, the layoffs and the postponement or cancellation of new capital investments, but cutting back on Smile completely instead of simply reducing the contribution percentage, and raising prices on the paid music service while trying to drive people to upgrade to it from the free service, just when Amazon’s competition from Walmart home delivery and others is ramping up, is beginning to look too desperate, drastic and unwise.

  4. Greg says:

    Sweet you must enjoy listening to Dolby Atmos music in 9.2.4 unfortunately I don’t have enough room in my 12×12 that I li e in to have that setup. Have a listen to Games people play in Dolby Atmos as well as Rod Stewart older songs. To name a few they should song great on your system.

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