Amazon to discontinue Luna cloud gaming Retro and Family channels this week

About a year ago, Amazon expanded its Luna cloud gaming catalog with the addition of a Family games channel and a Retro games channel. Each new channel, costing $5.99 and $4.99 per month, respectively, included its own set of playable games. Amazon has now decided to discontinue these channels and will be merging most of the games into the $9.99/month Luna+ channel at no additional cost.

On January 6th, access to the separate Family and Retro channels will end. Anyone subscribed to either channel will see their subscription automatically converted to the more expensive Luna+ channel subscription. However, all existing subscribers will continue to pay their current cheaper subscription price for the next six months, which essentially gets them the Luna+ channel at a discount.

The Retro channel had about 70 games and the Family channel had about 40 games. The Luna+ channel used to have about 120 games and it now lists just over 200 games. While having fewer subscription options isn’t great, this merger does make the $9.99/month Luna+ channel more enticing. The $17.99/month Ubisoft+ channel, which includes about 40 games, and the
recently added $4.99/month Jackbox channel remain available.

  1. Chris Z says:

    I’ve never heard of this service. Does anyone actually pay for this?

    • Tj says:

      It’s ok and I sub when I have time to play. The service runs well and they continue to improve it. At times it feels, looks and plays like your typical gaming console without having to shell out hundreds of dollars to game.
      It is a shame though it hasnt generated a lot of buzz because it’s clear the developers put a lot of work into Luna to make the experience as smooth as possible. You can use it to stream directly to Twitch and use your smartphone as a Webcam for example, or use that smartphone as a controller or steering wheel in racing games too. Amazon needs to advertise it more or consider changing the name to something else.

    • Dimitri M says:

      It gives ypu free games to play every month with amazon prime so yes I use everything I get for free to the fullest. I also own some ubisoft games so I can play them free on the service also. Its worth it if you know what youre doing. I pay nothing & enjoy it when I want to. Technically I pay 10$ for amazon prime but its attached to my phone bill so again. I honestly pay nothing. Also can play from google chome browser on my phone, blutooth a controller & be all set for trips. Pretty nice

    • M says:

      Yes. Had it for years now but I pay $6.53 a month. Played a ton of games I missed out on through the years and this is worth not having to buy all of them. Also I’m introduced to some cool games I never would’ve tried before.

    • Thomas says:

      It actually works very well and is a good gaming option for a Mac user like myself. However, at $10 a month, it simply isn’t worth it considering the sparse library and competition from PS+ and Game Pass. The free prime games each month are a nice way to test the service for yourself.

    • Ronni B says:

      I pay for Prime by the year( a lot cheaper) and this is partially inclusive. You get some free games every month, some free downloads, and can play four free games a month on Luna. The extra Luna price, which isn’t much is akin to Gamebox used to be, only it is a cloud service. I love it, I can try new games, without having to buy new systems, haven’t bought one since Xbox 360, getting older and just don’t have that time any more. I have an Ubisoft subscription so I can play those on Luna, seamlessly, and all in all, it works really well. There are games that don’t work well unless you purchase the Luna controller, but that is a cloud controller, great for going room to room, not having to unlink and relink to each tv. I really recommend trying it, it has some fun stuff, some games I never heard of, some really beautiful games, all for pretty inexpensive.

  2. Safari says:

    Nah, you subscribe to anything you definable pay more over time. Now worth it imo.

  3. Jack Sullivan says:

    Compared to Nvidia GeForce NOW and X-Box Game Pass with cloud gaming, this is just another service that offers up the same thing that’s already being offered on other services as Amazon tries to monetize everything it possibly can in the worst way possible, giving you neither exclusives, nor a free cloud platform to play the free games they give you on Amazon gaming each month.

    • Tj says:

      GeForce now is cool, but you must first buy the game and then hope you can even play it on their service when you want to because even paying members have trouble getting a rig for a popular game sometimes. That game you bought hoping to use with the service one day could leave any time too as God of War 3 did last year and other games. Cloud gaming is very expensive to operate. No doubt Sony and Microsoft libraries smoke Amazon’s offerings out of the water, but as of right now Luna remains the cheaper cloud gaming offering of the big 3 and it serves its purpose for those just casually wanting to play every now and then.

    • Jay Red says:

      I stumbled across it by chance because I paid almost $20 for blacknut or something like that and not one game would play rite I was highly upset and browsing for a substitute I already had a prime subscription and to make a long story short I entered console gaming and Luna popped up been playing it ever since. For $10 a month you really can’t beat it and now with them merging everything is even better.

  4. Dele says:

    I’m not a gaming person so I’m p indifferent to this. Meanwhile, what’s happening to the Downloader app? Websites don’t open up anymore on my Android TV and Fire TV Cube.

  5. Rottytops says:

    I’m gonna miss Stadia :(

    • Isaac says:

      Technologically speaking Stadia was absolutely the best cloud service. Luna is a very close 2nd. Input-to-session is the only way to cloud game.

      • Kevin says:

        It definitely was. I only had input lag on a couple of games early on.
        Just a shame that the only thing you could read about Stadia was how it was going to fail even before it started just because Sony and Microsoft fan boys were afraid to say anything that might hurt their systems feelings.
        When all anyone reads is don’t waste your time, it’s just another Google experiment that will fail they are not going to go anywhere near it.
        Early on Stadia said if the service were to have to shut down they would refund the money you spent on games but still idiots were saying that if you buy a game from Stadia you’ll lose your money forever because you can’t download it.
        That was the purpose, no download, just play.
        Luna is not nearly as good as Stadia was but it’s all I have left so, whatever.
        I Still forget and sit down to launch Stadia on my TCL with gtv.
        Oh well, it sucks.

    • Arthur Gray says:

      Me too man

      Nothing will come close

      Microsoft looks to be making Xbox Cloud more Stadia like in 2023, but we’ll see.

      I LOATHE Amazon

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