Amazon to begin delivery of new mystery product at midnight on July 31st


An Amazon Prime Now driver has forwarded me an email he received from Amazon about “a secret new product launch” occurring on July 31. The email asks for drivers who want to participate in a special delivery window, between midnight and 2 A.M. on July 31, being “created just for this release.” I’m told that is a time period which drivers normally do not delivery products. The email does not reveal what the product is, but customers “will be able to get their hands on a brand new product” at 12:01 A.M.

If this “secret new product” is an electronic device, its launch appears to be unlike any other Amazon device before it. For starters, Amazon does not typically launch products on a weekend, and especially not at midnight. It’s possible the new product will be revealed during the coming week, and that midnight on July 31 is just when deliveries will begin.

The wording of the email seems to imply it is a completely new product, but it is vague enough that it could be a new version of an existing device. If it is the next generation of an existing device, a new Amazon Echo would be the most likely candidate, since it is one of Amazon’s oldest products. The Fire TV Stick is also due for an update, but Fire TV devices typically get launched in October or November.

There have been rumors circulating of a tablet-like deivce with Alexa capabilities, and we’ve heard that Amazon is working on a device meant to live in the kitchen, so perhaps that is what will be revealed. Whatever this new product is, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance it will join the Alexa family of devices, considering how successful the Amazon Echo has been.


7/22 I neglected to mention that the mystery product is not necessarily an Amazon device. It could be a midnight book or video game release, as some have pointed out in the comments. The email does not indicate whether it is an Amazon device or not.
7/29 We now know that the mystery product is the new Harry Potter book.

  1. Omar says:

    I’m setting an alarm right now ! How dramatic of them

  2. Mark says:

    Did they say an Amazon product? Maybe the new Xbox? That would be a product that folks may wait up for.

  3. Joe D says:

    If it’s a full size Echo with audio out like a Dot I’m going to be pissed. My Dot just got delivered. I would have much preferred a full size Echo but I wanted the option of stereo speakers.

  4. Mark says:

    So is this midnight of july 30th and go on sale at 12:01am july 31st? Or do they mean midnight of 31st and go on sale 12:01am aug 1st? :)

  5. Big John says:

    Oooh, I just love a mystery! Fire Phone 2? ;)

  6. z says:

    A tablet with alexa, new fire tv stuff, even a new kindle, none of it really seems like something that would warrant midnight hype.

    The only things I can think of that are in the current realm of amazon’s product lineup that would demand that hype would be an actual TV with fire TV software built in that is really affordable, a color e ink reader, a large kindle maybe but I don’t think even that is gaming changing enough for a midnight launch.

    Also, did the email specify it’s an Amazon device? Maybe it’s another companies product sold exclusively by Amazon. Or maybe not even exclusive to Amazon, but something big enough for a midnight release, and Amazon want’s to try being part of it?

  7. Ramya says:

    Probably some most popular Game is getting released on 31st. I remember they have done something like this last year –

    • z says:

      If it was just a game why wouldn’t they say what it is? It’s highly unlikely a game popular enough for a midnight release hasn’t already publicly announced it’s release date just 9 days in advance.

      The fact that it’s a mystery item means the item hasn’t been announced yet, or the release date hasn’t been released yet.

  8. Mike says:

    Could it be the Pokemon Go wearable?

  9. Mewtwo says:

    Alexa, order me a Lure Module.

  10. Chris says:

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble about a possible new Amazon device, but a quick Google search seems to point to the release of the newest Harry Potter book that will be released on midnight on the 31st. There are all kinds of “release parties” that showed up. Sorry, but that’s probably what Amazon is preparing for.

    • z says:

      But why be so secretive? If it’s a known fact that the book will be out on that date, why wouldn’t they just advertise? If they are able to give midnight deliveries you would think they would advertise that like made to get all the sales. Now, without a commitment from Amazon that they will have it the 31st, the people that really care about the midnight release will get elsewhere. Being all secretive about it doesn’t help amazon at all.

  11. Gary says:

    A Fire smart watch to compete with the Apple Watch. Bet on it.

    • Big John says:

      And just as you need an iPhone to use an Apple Watch, you’ll need a Fire Phone to use a Fire Watch! ;) ;)

  12. Joe says:

    Errrr….Ummmmm…..Universal phone charger :D

  13. no way no way...... minamina says:

    Interestingly, Tesco Direct now classes Fire TV stick with voice remote as end of life/discontinued.

  14. Jon says:

    According the the prime now app it looks like it’s the new Harry Potter and The Cursed Child book. I was really hoping for a new electronic device!

  15. MIchael McTaggart says:

    To mark the launch of the new Harry Potter book this week, the service will be accepting orders between 10pm and 11.45pm on its release night

    Potter fans will be able to choose delivery slots up until 2am.

    For more information visit

  16. Joe says:

    It’s the Harry Potter book. There’s a banner promising midnight delivery on Prime Now

  17. natebetween says:

    Same Here. Potter Delivery.

  18. gdroid666 says:

    so what was it?
    was it this? or is it not in the states yet?

  19. Omar says:

    So who’s ready for the mystery item ?!?!?

  20. clocks says:

    I have a feeling we may have gotten excited about nothing.

  21. Joe D says:

    That was a letdown.

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