Amazon Tap portable Alexa speaker is on sale for $84.99

The Amazon Tap has just gone on sale for $84.99. Despite the list price being $129.99, the Tap has actually been available for $99.99 for nearly 3 months now, so this new sale price is more of a $15 discount than a $45 discount, as the product page would like you to believe. The lowest price the Tap has ever been is $79.99, so this new sale price is just $5 shy of matching the lowest price ever. If you’re considering the Amazon Tap, it’s important to know that it’s not really a 1st-party citizen in Amazon’s Alexa universe. That’s because there are several Alexa features available on Echo devices that are not available on the Tap, such as calling and messaging through Alexa. The Tap is the oldest Alexa device that Amazon still sells new, so it seems like Amazon is fine letting 3rd-party manufacturers take over the portable Alexa speaker market. That said, the Tap is still a great product, as long as you’re not expecting it to do everything an Echo can do. Note that you can add a Sling Cover to your Amazon Tap order for just $5, which is a savings of $15.

  1. Tapper says:

    Ii just bought a Refurbished one for 49 bucks which is basically new from Amazon and comes with same warranty.

  2. Jp says:

    Pros it’s nice to move to garage or patio while working. Big con it doesn’t support calling feature or the play every where groups like the dot. Which is a huge con

  3. Upyla Moopu says:

    Mine keeps losing wifi connection …

  4. Stephen Kerr says:

    I really like the Tap. It is the right size and portable. The only real complaint I have is that the microphone does not seem to work as well as the other devices. It is fine in a quite room but does not deal as well with other ambient noise. Even has trouble canceling its own alarm of the loud ringing. I have been waiting on an update before getting a new one.

  5. Beth Thibault says:

    I am looking for an amazon tap in good condition

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