Amazon strangely begins taking pre-orders for th 2020 Chromecast in the U.S.

Amazon is now, oddly, listing the 2020 Chromecast as a pre-order item that will be released on May 13, as spotted by 9to5Google. The model number on Amazon’s page matches the Chromecast with Google TV that was released near the end of 2020, so it raises the question why is Amazon just now listing the old device and, more strangely, taking pre-orders for it, no less.

Amazon has been selling the Google Chromecast in other countries, like Brazil and Mexico, for a while, which is why this new U.S. listing already has 150 reviews, despite it only being available for sale in the U.S. for a few days. One theory for the strange listing is that Google is about to release the rumored HD version of the Chromecast and that this listing is meant to coincide with that release. Google I/O 2022, the company’s annual developer conference, is taking place on May 11 and 12. Google typically announces new hardware at the event, so a new Chromecast HD shipping the day after the conference ends would make sense.

One other notable aspect of the Amazon listing is the mention of user profiles for the Chromecast. Google has already revealed that profile selection is coming soon to the Chromecast but is not advertising the feature yet on its own site, so it’s strange to see it mentioned on the Amazon listing. This could mean that, at the very least, May 13th could be the date of a significant software update for the Chromecast. Amazon setting a pre-order date could simply be its way of ensuring that all features mentioned on its product page were available when the Chromecast reaches customers.

  1. Mike says:

    Isn’t this product abandoned by Google like they always do

  2. Russ says:


  3. mrvco says:

    Granted the remote pictures appears identical to the current remote, but hopefully this SKU has a remote with better buttons and more heft to it. Not that I use mine enough to justify purchasing a new one just for a better remote.

  4. Jack says:

    It probably has Fire OS secretly installed on it!

  5. D-Nice says:

    This article is dumb, this was sus until I read from the writer of this story, “Google announces new hardware at the Google I/O event”. That is a complete lie. Google I/O is a developer conference and they talk about what’s coming in software development. Hardware event is Always been end of summer, early fall with a new phone release in October/November. This year was completely different. They showed some improvements in the upcoming Android OS, a cheaper version of Pixel 6a, then video render of a Pixel 7, a new tablet in 2023.

  6. jaayb says:

    It might as well be abandoned. They are working on android 13 and it is still stuck at android 10. Didn’t see android 11 or 12 update 2 years later almost since it was released.

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