Amazon Store Card users can now use Alexa to manage their account

A new Alexa skill for the Amazon Store Card has been released, as first spotted by AndroidPolice. The skill allows you to get information about your card account using any Alexa enabled device. Using your voice, you can ask about your balance, ask about recent purchases, make payments, and more.

To start using the skill, just say “Alexa, open store card.” A link will appear in your Alexa app which you can use to link your Amazon Store Card account with your Alexa account. After linking the accounts, you’ll be asked to create a 4 digit PIN that you’ll need to speak to Alexa each time you use the skill.

Once the skill is configured and setup, just open it and ask any of the below questions to get information about your store card account. You can also say “I need help” to get suggested commands.

  • “I want to pay my credit card bill.”
  • “Did my payment go through?”
  • “When is my payment due?”
  • “What is my minimum payment?”
  • “What did I recently buy?”
  • “What did I last buy?”
  • “How much money have I spent lately?”
  • “What is my recent activity?”
  • “What is my account summary?”
  • “How much available credit do I have?”
  • “What were my previous charges?”
  • “What are my options?”

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