Amazon still shipping Rootable Fire TVs

Those of you who took advantage of yesterday’s great Fire TV sale will be happy to know that Amazon is still shipping out rootable Fire TVs. The Fire TV I ordered yesterday just arrived a few minutes ago and it has software version, which is rootable. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all Fire TVs shipping around the country will also be rootable, but it does confirm that there is still a chance to get an older unit.

I am currently working on an all encompassing starters guide that will get new Fire TV owners through all the various guides, from start to finish, for rooting, installing ClockworkMod, updating with pre-rooted ROMs, and more. Look for that to be posted very soon. In the mean time, if you can’t wait for the starters guide, be sure to take precautions during the inital setup since my new Fire TV immediatly tried to download the latest unrootable software, which is currently

If you ordered a new Fire TV yesterday, post a comment below, once it arrives, letting everyone know what software version it came with and roughly where you are located. To get things started, I’m in the Los Angeles, CA area.

  1. John Merrill says:

    Are you going to be interested in the NexusTV? I’m getting one to mess around with but so far I think the FireTV will rule! I’ve got two rooted — one is a backup.

  2. Steve Salinas says:

    Lemoore, Ca. About 200 miles north of LA. Mine should arrive tomorrow.

  3. Sean says:

    Best Buy has some on the 55620 FW as well. I bought mine yesterday (PM’d to AMZN) and blocked the proper domains on my router. The FW was listed as being updated in march, so i was able to get rooted right!

    I now have to domain blocked on the firetv itself through the adb command. Is there ever a chance that the updates come from a different domain and bypass the filter i have on my FireTV?

    • AFTVnews says:

      There’s definitely a chance the domain could change. That’s why it’s a good idea to do the “pm disable” method in addition to the router block.

  4. David says:

    It would be helpful to note the location from which the package was shipped. According to the tracking information, mine (scheduled for delivery tomorrow) is coming from New Castle, Delaware.

  5. KarlP says:

    Best Buy in West Simsbury CT purchased 11/28/14 and is still rootable.

  6. JB says:

    Keep up the great work. Looking forward to the starters’ guide.

  7. David says:

    If the main reason you bought a firetv is to side load XBMC (or Kodi), and install llama does the FireTV really need to be rooted?

    I feel like the only reason to root is to turn software updates off in case a future software update disables the use of xBMC

  8. zonykel says:

    Over a couple of days and several hours each day, I was able to go through the guides all the way from rooting, to updating to the latest rooted custom rom, to getting an external hard drive (my main reason for rooting the device). I think you’ve done well with the guides (they might need a tweak here and there to clarify things, but it’s probably 95% there). A flow chart or sequence of guides might be helpful to some. Your hyperlinks for all the pre-requisites were helpful.

  9. bob says:

    I just got a fire tv shipped from amazon about 3 days ago. Came with… :( Sideloading XBMC, err ‘Kodi’ works fine at least. Hopefully someone will figure out a root method for the newer firmware, sooner or later.

    • ASadani says:

      bob. mention your location please. Los Angeles are getting the rootable ones. Mine has not yet arrived but I’ll be home on Friday to check what version I’ve received. I’m in LA too.

  10. Bill says:

    I bought 2 from Staples in Mentor, OH and both were rootable.

  11. matthew says:

    I ordered mine end of oct and rec it nov 6th and it came with the unrootable firmware I live in florida, my friend ordered his 2 weeks later and he can root his.

  12. jeremystyle says:

    Ordered mine Monday and arrived today. I live in NYC and it was sent from Lexington, KY and arrived with software version Good luck to anyone else who got one!

  13. Nazcorp says:

    I purchased a cheap $249 Seiki TV and got a $15 off coupon for AFTV, used that and purchased it for $69 and ended up only paying $54 – shipped 12/02 and received today 12/3 from Louisville, KY and to Louisville, KY running a rootable firmware based on the splash screen as indicated below (

    Leave it on this screen and do not press play for several seconds. If the text on the screen switches back and forth between English and German “Drücken Sie (►∥∥), um loszulegen”, then your Fire TV is running version or newer and is currently unrootable. If the text remains English, then your Fire TV is running version or older and is rootable.

    Mine did not change to another language!

  14. kuangmk11 says: here as well (Seattle). mirroring xbmc now.

  15. leilei says:

    Rootable,, New York. Ordered on 1st delivered on 3rd.

  16. Def says:

    Is anyone working on how to root the latest software version?

  17. David says:

    My Fire TV box is running software version as well. I ordered it on Monday (December 1) and received it today (December 3). It was shipped to Philadelphia from New Castle, DE.

    Those of you seeing “Lexington, KY” on the address label should note that Amazon processes returns through its facility there, but this is not necessarily the actual point of origin. Check the tracking information for an accurate report.

  18. thegriff says:

    Got mine today from the Lexington, KY warehouse (live in Atlanta). Came with version I got it rooted and disabled updates, now trying to install but adb keeps disconnecting, but that’s not a story for this thread I’m sure.

  19. goes_like_hell says:

    someone overthere who can organize me an rootable AFTV, properly a new one ? I am from germany and it will be not your harm !


    Thanks in advance


  20. Lance says:

    I purchased my Fire TV off of a few days ago due to the sale and it came with It actually DID NOT attempt to update right away. I was able to root it and prevent it from upgrading.

  21. Vladimir says:

    I bought a Fire TV during the $69 sale and just rooted it yesterday. I’m in STL so idk where it shipped from exactly. Currently trying to downgrade it from 51.1.10 to but having some issues, will post about that on the appropriate article if I can’t fix it.

    P.S. Your page is awesome, has been very helpful. Love the guides!

  22. Ted says:

    I bought on Dec 1st from Amazon. Shipped from Fernley NV US. It came with Completed the entire start guide yesterday. Woohoo! Thanks aftvnews and rbox!

  23. Mellow says:

    12/5: Two AFTV’s running Amazon shipped from Indianapolis
    Downgraded per instructions. Rooted & Running!

  24. Abel says:

    Another one here, shipped from New Castle, DE to MA. Fully rooted and running latest firmware after following the guides. Thanks again.

  25. feltz says:

    I received mine a few days ago after ordering it from the cyber monday sale and received software version I followed the guides here and it went smoothly and was fairly easy to do. It does everything I thought it would. Thanks :)

  26. Honeyarjun says:

    Already have Fire TV and a stick. Got one more Fire TV in the cyber Monday deal. It came with version. ( ordered through Amazon and in Dallas, TX). Downgraded it and rooting was done. The only issue I have now is – the voice remote version is still in 349 and fails to authenticate/connect to Amazon for updating to 352 version.

  27. Jason says:

    Easy way to tell. newer ones do not come in the plastic bags anymore. They have the round sticker on both sides to hold it in the outer cover.

    Also i noticed they are putting on the tape that goes around the unit different as well. It is now starting on the side rather then in the back.

    But the ones i got on black friday at stapels and best buy are still the older units and rootable.
    From Tulsa, OK

  28. Snorkel says:

    Milwaukee, rootable orderd the first day amazon had it for 69 dollars.

  29. overburn says:

    Is there a way to know from the packaging via a serial number or revision if the Unit has the rootable software or does it have to be plugged in and software version checked?

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