Over 20,000 Fire TV Sticks sold in US in an hour and over 200,000 sold globally on Prime Day

Consider yourself lucky if you were able to buy a Fire TV Stick for $24 during Prime Day yesterday. The sale went live around 6:10 am PT and was sold out within an hour, making it the “fastest-selling deal on an Amazon device ever” according to Amazon. We won’t know exactly how many units were sold, but Amazon says “tens of thousands” were sold in the US alone, so you can figure at least 20,000 Fire TV Sticks were sold within that one hour. The device’s popularity, however, wasn’t limited to the US. The Fire TV Stick was also on sale in the UK and Germany, which resulted in it becoming “the best-selling Prime Day product globally.” Amazon says customers ordered “hundreds of thousands of Fire TV Sticks” globally yesterday, causing the device to currently be out of stock until August overseas. The original Fire TV was unfortunately not discounted in the US during Prime Day, but that didn’t stop customers from buying the Stick’s big brother as well, resulting in it currently being out of stock in the US.

  1. clocks says:

    I bought yet another, hard to not have one for every tv when they are $25. Though, I was hesitant due to anticipation of the new device. Fortunately these things are usually pretty easy to turnaround on ebay for close to what you paid.

  2. fassfa says:

    That’s 20,000 more people coming to this site asking, “Can I root this???”

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