Amazon Smart Plug is on sale for $14.99 — New Lowest Price Ever

Among the numerous Amazon devices that are currently on sale is the Amazon Smart Plug for $14.99. This is the first time that it has ever been offered this low on its own. It’s normally $24.99 and has been as low as $19.99 in the past, but it has never been 40% off, as it is right now. Like all other smart plugs, this allows you to control any outlet with Alexa or your smartphone. The big advantage I’ve found for Amazon’s plug, versus other smart plugs, is its ease of setup. It works through the Alexa app that you likely already have installed, so it’s nice not to need yet another app just for the plug. After plugging the Amazon Smart Plug in, your Alexa device will automatically find it and all you really need to do is give it a custom name that’s appropriate to what you plan to plug into it. All smart plugs essentially work the same way, but they’re just slightly simpler to manage when they’re controlled with an app you’re already used to using, like the Alexa app.


The $14.99 price only lasted for one day. The plug is now on sale for $19.99

  1. Does the auto-setup require a 3rd gen dot or will it work with earlier models?

    The website doesn’t list it as compatible with earlier models.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’m not sure if the setup process differs depending on the Echo model that you have, but an Echo is not required to use it. You could technically set it up with nothing but the Alexa app.

  2. Jorgen says:

    Hi, Just ordered one on Amazon Mon Feb 4 10:19 pm HST. They charged me $19.99. Am I missing a coupon code or something to get the $14.99 price?

    • AFTVnews says:

      Looks like the $14.99 price only lasted for a day. It has now increased to $19.99.

    • tampa8 says:

      Just to add if the final price was $14.99 it would have been reflected at checkout. If it said $19.99 that would indicate you were not getting the discount. If you acted right away you could cancel the order.

      Glad I didn’t wait I needed one and $15 is a good price.

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