Amazon slightly shrinks the full-screen auto-playing ad on the Fire TV’s home screen

Amazon has updated the size of the full-screen auto-playing video ads that appear on the Fire TV home screen when you first power on the device. The change, which was first spotted by Cord Cutters News, reduces the size of the ad slightly to keep the navigation bar and your app row visible at the bottom of the screen.

While the change is an improvement, it does nothing to reduce the annoyance of the full-screen ads that were added late last year. The ads still dominate the screen as soon as your Fire TV wakes up or powers on. The cursor is still placed in the ad by default, so you still have to press down or Home on your remote to get to the navigation menu.

Had Amazon changed it so the cursor started in the navigation menu while the ad took up the rest of the screen, like it used to, it would have been a much larger improvement. The updated format just makes it slightly more intuitive that the rest of the home screen is below the giant ad.

While there is still no way to disable the full-screen ads, there are a few things you can do to make living with them slightly less annoying. Namely, switching off the video so it displays static images and getting in the habit of pressing the Home button a second time to dismiss the ad while the Fire TV powers on.

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Any idea why my Fire TV doesn’t allow me to Select my User on Power-on anymore? It defaults directly to the Home Screen with the Last User Selected. It’s annoying.

  2. Russ says:

    I’ve used the double tap home button for years (your #2 suggestion). I didn’t even see the full screen ad at first and didn’t know what people were taking about.

  3. Daniel Ranea says:

    I ditched ages ago all my fire tv devices. Sorry Amazon, you were cheap because I´m the product, but now you include Ads everywhere, in my prime subscription, in my tv homescreen… Amazon you will die because of your greediness.

    • fumducker says:

      Prime costs continue to rise, and now there are ads. Bezos has to recoup the billions lost in his divorce. Nevertheless, you don’t need Amazon to watch TV ad-free; you can load your own apps. Visit, purchase the recommended VPN, and learn more.

  4. JFC says:

    Echoing Daniel’s opening comments above…

    Re the Amazon home screen ad change mentioned here… sorry Amazon, my ship sailed months back for Android TV land, likely never to return.

    Your incessant efforts to control the operation and home screen appearance of MY Fire TV devices resulted in ALL of them being unplugged and tossed into a spare parts drawer.

    No more Fire TV ad revenue for you from me. Nowadays, I watch my Amazon Prime content on Android TVs.

    • JFC says:

      PS… before someone comes along to say so… I was referring above to no more Fire TV DEVICE ad revenue from me for Amazon… I realize, of course, they get their nickels from me in various ways in other places, including Amazon Prime…

      I’m waiting for the day to arrive when I’ll have to watch an Amazon ad at the front door before my Prime package gets dropped off… :-)

  5. Dazzar says:

    Only thing my gen 3 cube gets used for now, is home control. The adverts became too intrusive and their Prime video has become a bad joke. I wont be buying another Fire TV device.

  6. fumducker says:

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