Amazon Shopping app for the Fire TV is back in the appstore

About a month ago, Amazon’s shopping app for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick leaked on their website. The listing was removed within a few hours, but those who added the app to their account have been able to use it ahead of its official release. The shopping app has now reappeared in the appstore, it is either being mistakenly listed again, or Amazon is ready for everyone to use it.

This new listing for the Shopping app is a new entry for the app in the appstore, with a new product ID number, and not just a resurfacing of the old listing. The first listing of the app said it was version “” and this new version says it’s version “,” however both apps seem to be the same.

All Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks running the latest software version already have this app installed. It’s this same app that handles purchases on the Fire TV through banner ads on the home screen. The app is now being upgraded to a full-fledged app that you can directly launch and use to search and buy products sold on Amazon, as opposed to just an app that displays one product at a time when a banner is clicked.

If you “purchase” the app for free, you should see it appear among your other Fire TV apps and be able to launch the app. Just understand that, even though it seems like you’re installing this app from the appstore, it is actually already on the device as a system app, so you will not be able to uninstall it once purchased.

  1. Dick says:

    I’m very impressed with your clever positioning of the excellent Downloader app in the recent apps picture. Great marketing sir.

  2. Tony Ramirez says:

    The app is very limited. Many things it won’t even let you purchase on your TV and it seems to push very expensive content.

  3. gary huxsey says:

    I installed the app on fire tv 2nd gen bht get error about no net work available yet I go to FireTV settings and it says internet connected. Any ideas?

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