Amazon shifts focus away from Echo device to Alexa service with app rebranding


Amazon has just updated what was formerly known as the Amazon Echo App to rebrand it as the Amazon Alexa App. The rebranded app comes with no new functionality, but demonstrates Amazon’s desire to place focus on Alexa as a voice-controlled platform, rather than the single product that is the Amazon Echo. When Amazon released the Alexa Voice Service developer preview a couple months ago, they broke Alexa free of her (its?) cylindrical prison by making the cloud based voice assistant available to other manufactures building an internet connected device with a microphone and speaker. Wink, Scout Alarm, and Toymail are among the first few manufacturers who have committed to integrating Alexa into their upcoming devices. Those devices will need an app to interact with and fully take advantage of Alexa’s capabilities, and now they have one in the form of the existing Echo app. With any luck, this rebranding is in preparation of an upcoming next generation Fire TV with Alexa capabilities built in.

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  1. Mary Whitaker says:

    Alexa has stopped working – to any request she says that the internet is not reachable – can you help, please?

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