Amazon sells out of the Element 65″ Fire TV Edition televisions

Amazon has sold out of the Element Fire TV Edition television in the 65-inch size. The product page now says “Currently unavailable” with no indication when the television will be back in stock and no way to place a backorder. A spokesperson for Element told me “we are seeing a high demand on the 65-inch TV so we are sold out at the moment, but are replenishing inventory as soon as possible.” Those who were able to place an order for the $899.99 4K television will still receive their unit on time, when it’s released on June 14th. The 55-inch TV for $649.99, the 50-inch TV for $549.99, and the 43-inch TV for $449.99 are all still in stock and Amazon is still throwing in a free OTA digital antenna with all orders.

  1. Ottis says:

    Sold out doesn’t necessarily mean high demand it could be low demand with low production and looking at the tv stats, no HDR for example, while Amazon produces much of its content in HDR is astounding is probably what’s happening here.

  2. Fabian V Gurrola says:

    I would love a smaller version of this tv for my children’s room and the garage, i think a 32 inch version would hit the sweet spot for me…

  3. Vlaves says:

    They should have also considered the european market. I miss the DVB-S2/C/T2 Tuner. With that, it would b a no brainer.

  4. Salvador Paradisio says:

    It’s now July 3, and I haven’t received the 65″ TV. I got an email last week “thanking (me) for my patience” along with a $50 credit to spend on the Amazon site. I was maybe one of the first people to snag one; although I could have been the last person (for all I know) considering that Amazon’s launch of its own branded television line suddenly popped up without any PR or promotions. They just suddenly announced them quietly in the middle of the night. I just happened to come across them on the site randomly in the middle of that same night. I hope that they’re great, but dropping that kind of money on an unknown quantity feels risky. I hope the delays are to ensure quallity control across the line, and not something… well, bad that they’re desparately trying to fix.

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