Amazon sells an adjustable stand for the Echo Spot

Amazon is selling an adjustable stand for the soon to be released Echo Spot. The Echo Spot Adjustable Stand is available to preorder for $19.99 in either black or white and will be released on December 19th, the same day as the Echo Spot itself. The stand attaches magnetically to the Echo Spot and allows you to adjust the device’s angle. One of my complaints of the Amazon Echo Show is its fixed angle which limits where it can be placed. The Echo Spot stand seems to solve that issue by allowing you to tilt the device so that the screen and camera are at the ideal angle.

  1. hdmkv says:

    20 bucks?! Should be included free to make Spot more enticing to buy.

  2. Susan Jacob says:

    Horrible, I bought 4 spots for dropping in to figure I can only see the ceiling, talked to a total of 6 reps , 5 of them could not help me, the last one told me about the stand, now I have to spend $80+ dollars for the stand, very deceiving commercials, looks like everything is great till you drop in and talk to the ceiling

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