Amazon saves ‘The Expanse’ by picking it up for Season 4

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced yesterday at the International Space Development Conference that “The Expanse is saved.” The space drama was canceled by SciFi Network earlier this month after airing three seasons. A campaign to save the show by its fans and creators began soon after which specifically targeted Amazon and Bezos, who is said to be a fan of the series. Rumors that Amazon was in talks to pick up the show began circling earlier this week and now it’s official that there will be a 4th season of The Expanse and it will be an Amazon Prime original. The first two seasons of the series are already available on Prime Video and it’s probably safe to say the third season will be added soon enough.

  1. sosh says:

    Yes! Amazing! Love it.

  2. Anthony says:

    Niiice! I love this show! It would’ve been a travesty to end it when it’s just getting started, as far as where the story can go now. It’s a Very imaginative view on space colonization & the technology needed to do so. Thank you Amazon! ✌❤

  3. Kylara says:

    Awesome! Thank you Jeff Bezos and team. With 9 books in the series, hopefully it will go beyond Season 4. Fans Rock!!

  4. AFTV Fan says:

    Too bad Amazon and Netflix picking up canceled shows weren’t a thing back when Stargate Universe was canceled. That was one of the best sci-fi shows ever.

  5. Loek Frederiks says:

    Correction: Amazon had the rights for first two seasons in the US, Netflix for Europe.

  6. Vanb says:

    I’m actually glad for Amazon having it over the SyFy channel. This more than likely means that all the episodes for season 4 will be released all at one time instead of week to week, which is preferable for me. I don’t really watch any of Amazon’s original series, but I’ll definitely be watching this one.

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